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Map of pimples: each area of ​​the face corresponds to an organ

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What is the pimple map for? Let's find out together and see which organs the areas of the face are connected to.

The fight against pimples affects all women, more or less. Let's dispel the myth that pimples are a problem of adolescence: they can appear at any age, especially if you have oily skin. Either way, the pimple map could be really helpful. Let's find out what it's for.

Pimple Map: How does it work?

The pimple map allows you to understand, based on the position on the face, what is the cause that triggered the problem. At least once, everyone has had to deal with a furuncle that always grows in the same spot for a longer or shorter time. Maybe, just when you thought you'd said goodbye to him forever, he'll come back to keep you company.

In situations like these, but also in all the others, facial pimple mapping can come in handy. Thanks to this kind of map, in fact, it is possible to find out which body is launching an SOS. If, for example, the furuncle always arises on the side of the forehead, there could be an intestinal problem, while if it is located near the eyes, it could be the fault of the liver or gallbladder.

Below, the map of pimples in areas and the related tips to eradicate them:

  • forehead : the digestive system or the bladder is in pain. You probably ate too much flour, fat or sugar. It is recommended to drink a lot and change the diet, reducing the consumption of carbonated drinks, tea, coffee and fatty foods;
  • eyebrows : the problem is in the liver and can be caused by consuming alcohol or taking certain medications;
  • nose : the problem is to be found in the heart or lungs. Control cholesterol and arterial hypertension and avoid consuming red meat and spices. On the contrary, increase the portions of seasonal fruit and vegetables;
  • chin : it is the zone of hormonal problems. Generally, they appear around the menstrual period;
  • lip contour : the intestine is suffering. Eat mostly fiber, fruit, vegetables and foods rich in vitamins.

Pimples on the cheeks: what is the meaning?

After seeing the mapping, which also includes pimples under the nose and under the skin , let's see what it means when the pimples appear in other areas that are not mentioned above. On the cheeks , the problem could be traced to the respiratory system. However, if they focus mainly on the lower cheek area, it is due to hormonal factors. Therefore, pimples on the sides of the face can have multiple triggers.

Have you been struggling with pimples on your temples for a long time? Most likely your kidneys are failing. This means that you must necessarily drink more water, limiting the consumption of carbonated and sugary drinks. In any case, remember that a healthy and balanced diet is the wisest choice to fight pimples. One final clarification is obligatory: the mapping must be read with a critical eye because pimples are not always caused by hidden ailments.

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