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Mary Jane Platform: trendy models from Versace to Valentino, as they are worn in winter 2023

Mary Jane Platform

For some years the Mary Janes have made an upgrade on the catwalk: pumps or platforms, they are the new must-haves for the evening

A pair of black pumps are the emergency shoes that we keep in our shoe rack for any eventuality, but in this 2023 where the desire to dare and experiment is so great, we absolutely cannot ignore that Mary Janes stand out among the coolest evening shoes : squared, in a thousand colors, with multiform heels and a super platform sole, so high that it almost seems to fly, you fall in love with it in the blink of an eye. At least one pair with basic nuances, which you can wear in winter or summer, with or without socks, is almost a must have. Of course, for those who are not used to certain heights – because even if there are several they are very slender – taking some time at home to wear them and get used to them is a must, but it is a style exercise that is worthwhile invest.

Mary Jane Platform 2023: the models according to Versace and Valentino

The Mary Jane Platforms began to be spotted about a year and a half ago, when Versace presented the return of this model on the catwalk in its personal upgrade, the Medusa Aevitas Pump , which in a very short time, from black to red, from blue to purple, have become an icon.

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The overwhelming success has also allowed them to be revisited for the new s/s 2023 season: exaggeratedly high, a super platform until they become wedges with more than one strap, almost as if a slave Mary Jane were born, recalling the design of the well-known sandals summer with a Hellenic taste.

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However, Versace with its pink model only set the tone, because with the explosion of fuchsia thanks to Valentino, the Mary Jane Platforms were also presented by the maison of Pierpaolo Piccioli, who offers them with a vertiginous, compact but horizontal heel, balancing with a large mid-sole platform. Strictly fuchsia, but subsequently the nuances increased: also purple and black , with rockstud details.

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How to match them: perfect for a casual or elegant evening look

A shoe so lively, high and born to be looked at, can only be worn in the evening. Both for reasons of comfort – we are not all Carrie Bradshaw and sneakers or ankle boots are much more practical for running around the city between work and commitments – and because on a dress or an evening suit these versatile and seasonal shoes can difference.

In winter, for example, we can wear them with colored or black tights – even double ones for those who feel the coldest – playing with a play on contrasting colours, and even with a pair of cashmere or wool socks. A detail that dilutes their elegance and allows us to wear them even for a simple aperitif in the evening with a pair of jeans : a minimal but effective look!

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A long evening dress or a sparkling mini dress combined with the Mary Jane Platforms in jewel version or satin, are the perfect synthesis of elegance according to the latest trends: a concentration of glam and sensuality, of which the perfect interpreter is Dua Lipa , who has repeatedly shown us how to combine Mary Jane Pumps in bold and elegant combinations that go beyond the evening dress. In fact, the pop star in an elegant Versace suit shows how perfectly this model matches even with palazzo pants.

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