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Mascara, a must-have in our make-up: which one to choose in spring 2023

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Eyelashes are the strong point of the beauty trends for this spring/summer 2023: the gaze and the right mascara are the protagonists

We could probably choose not to wear eyeshadows, lipsticks, give up the make-up base, but there is an essential element of our make-up that is almost impossible to say no to. On the other hand, the beauty trends for spring/summer 2023 give us certainty: maybe we could pursue one of the last vices of the French catwalks, not wear concealer, but we would never give up on mascara. In fact, the eye focus seems to be the definitive make-up trend of this season. That's why choosing the right mascara is essential, bearing in mind the effect we want to give to our gaze from time to time and the make-up we want to achieve.

Spring 2023 beauty trends: curved, voluminous, hydrated eyelashes

Beautiful, spectacular, but also well-groomed and hydrated eyelashes: the new beauty trends recognize mascara as its supremacy in designing a seductive look , but at the same time there is great attention from brands not only to choosing sustainable but also curative ingredients, that in addition to making eyelashes beautiful, they take care of them.

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The intended colors are those seen most on the catwalk, in particular the timeless black, enriched with ceramides, lipids with beneficial, moisturizing and nourishing properties: they avoid lumps and also give the eyelashes a healthy and well-groomed appearance. However, particular attention has also been paid to the creation of the pipe cleaners, with well-separated thinner teeth and ergonomic shapes, so as to avoid the annoying lumps.

Naturally we will have different interdental brushes also based on the effect that the mascara ensures: long, voluminous, cocktail-like , the trend is to personalize and experiment to identify the most suitable style to enhance our eyes.

Spring/summer 2023 mascara, which ones to choose: Idole, Chiara Ferragni, Huda Beauty

Well-defined, black rather than coloured, pop-effect volume, these are the three trends that make-up artists chase after and which define this season's beauty trends, so that the gaze is magnetic, deep and hypnotic. Idole of Lancôme, which sees Zendaya as ambassador, focuses on a voluminous and curving effect, for a femme fatale look. A glam touch is guaranteed on any look.

– The pop effect that focuses more on voluminous eyelashes that open up the gaze is what we can get by choosing Chiara Ferragni 's mascara: the eyelashes are voluminous but well defined , perfect for those with less thick eyelashes and want to give the gaze greater fullness and depth.

– By now we know what cocktailing is, it is the trend that exploded on Tik Tok which has revealed a trick that perhaps many of us had already thought of resorting to: use two mascaras, one for volume and one for length, mix them and obtain a personalized effect that gives volume and length to the lashes. The latest Huda Beauty mascaras are moving in this direction: a 2 in 1 that features two different brushes in a single packaging, also perfect for carrying in a bag and choosing whether to mix or focus on a single effect.

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