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Mascara cocktailing: much more than a trend, that’s why it can be the turning point

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Perfect eyelashes are no longer a dream: the answer is in the cocktailing technique, Tik Tok's make-up trend that also convinces make-up artists.

Every time we are about to choose a mascara the question that grips us is always the same: volume, length, both, 3D effect and so on and so forth. Choosing the right mascara for our eyelashes has always been a major make-up concern, also because we know how much this product is an essential element of our make-up. Many times in fact, partly out of haste and partly out of laziness, we choose to focus on concealer and mascara, focusing our quick make-up on a magnetic focus, the gaze. However, the explosion of the mascara cocktailing technique could totally change our way of choosing but also of applying mascara.

Make up trend Tik Tok: eyelashes like Disney princesses thanks to cocktail mascara

Once you read about mascara cocktailing, we're sure you'll end up wondering why you haven't thought of it before, or maybe you've always done it but haven't thought of making it a Tik Tok trend. Because everything starts exactly from there.

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Perhaps some product had tried to try to attempt the feat, such as Manga mascara by L'Oreal or Lash Princess by Essence to give perfect eyelashes like those of Disney princesses or anime and manga heroines, but the truth is that a single mascara is not enough to get fabulous eyelashes.

Voluminous, long, curved , perfect eyelashes must look exactly like this and so the solution exploded on Tik Tok: layering . A make-up technique that allows you to have perfect eyelashes by mixing two or three mascaras, depending on the desired final effect, created to respond to different needs.

At work: how the mascara cocktailing technique is applied

Also approved and used by make-up artists, don't be afraid to experiment and apply different mascaras on your lashes, while still following a step by step for an effective final result. In fact, it is essential to start with the use of an eyelash curler , so as to work immediately on the folding of your eyelashes, and then choose a mascara that works on separation and definition.

The mascara should always be applied from the roots of the eyelashes to their ends, preferably with zigzag movements from the bottom up: remember that by applying more products, you give each mascara the right drying time. Furthermore, layering is recommended only for the upper lashes, because an excessive amount of product on the lower lashes would weigh down the look. Seeing is believing, the effect will be absolutely fabulous .

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