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Matcha tea: properties, benefits and contraindications of Japanese green tea

matcha tea powder

Let's find out everything about Matcha tea: the characteristics, the beneficial properties, where to find it and the cost of this product.

Japanese Matcha Tea (or Matcha Tea) is a tasty drink that is rich in beneficial properties for our body . Widespread also in Western culture, today it is a well-known product that is also used for recipes, or for skin masks .
It is a variety of green tea that Japanese growers grow without exposing it to the sun's rays. Once the plant has grown, the leaves are then picked by hand and turned into powder using special stone mills. A process that gives way to one of the most sought after and appreciated teas in the world.

Matcha green tea: the properties

This tea is prepared by mixing the powder by suspension, combined with water in a bowl, and not by infusion: for this reason we are dealing with a drink that is a real concentrate of beneficial substances ! A drink that is really rich in beneficial properties that it is important to know.

matcha tea powder
matcha tea powder

In addition to being good and making every recipe tastier (not to mention how pleasant it is to taste even on its own), green tea boasts various properties that are reflected in different aspects of life and self-care.

Useful for the skin

Matcha is rich in vitamins B1, B2 and C, but also in mineral salts , polyphenols, caffeine and beta-carotene. Besides that, this drink is a very strong antioxidant as each gram contains 70 milligrams of catechins. Therefore it is also a remedy for aging and fights against toxins.
There is also a protective action against the sun, thanks to the polyphenols present in the leaves.

Indicated for a slimming diet

Does matcha tea help you lose weight? For sure and it can help thanks to its diuretic effect, but also because it helps reduce the sense of hunger . This is why we advise you to include it in your diets to lose weight, so as to facilitate your goal . Obviously, in addition to drinking, you will also have to follow a balanced food plan.

The digestive properties

This tea also has a calming action on the mucous membranes of the stomach and is therefore useful for fighting inflammation of the digestive system, but also problems that could have a psychological origin, such as stress pain or whatever. It is, in fact, a highly relaxed substance.

Matcha tea: contraindications

Does green tea have contraindications? Like all foods, even in the consumption of this drink you need to be sparing : in fact tea contains caffeine, and therefore drinking too much of it could cause insomnia, agitation, stress or unwanted tremors and palpitations .

matcha tea
matcha tea

Matcha tea: where to buy it

If you want to get this tea, you can go to your trusted herbalist's shop, or look for it in a particularly well-stocked supermarket. There is also the option to buy it online, on Amazon or other e-commerce sites. And, needless to say, you can find high quality ones in shops selling Japanese products.

If you buy it, we advise you to choose grade 1 tea, which is made entirely with the leaves of the first harvest , and therefore has more beneficial properties.
As for the price of Matcha tea, the costs range from 9 to 15 euros for 50 grams of product, but it clearly depends on where you decide to buy it. However, very little is used for each cup and this means that each package lasts a very long time, justifying the cost (especially due to its properties).

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