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Meat lovers come forward: here is the stuffed loin

Stuffed loin

Stuffed loin is a delicious second course that is suitable for any type of occasion, from Sunday lunches to quick and easy dinners.

The first step in preparing a stuffed loin is to have this particular cut of meat, the loin in fact, which is obtained from the loin without bones. One of the peculiarities of the stuffed loin roast is its low fat content which makes it a dish suitable even for children. In addition, the pork loin in the oven can be stuffed in different ways and cooking in the oven allows you to keep all the juices of the meat and its intense flavor.

In the version we propose of this second meat dish we used, as a filling, tomato and fontina, as well as various aromas to give flavor. Alternatively, you can customize the baked stuffed loin with other ingredients you like, such as speck, scamorza or other types of cheese. In addition, you can accompany the recipe with various side dishes such as potatoes in a pan or fresh vegetables sautéed in a pan. Let’s see, therefore, the ingredients and the steps for the preparation of this recipe. Remember that it is not necessary to tie the meat with food string.

Stuffed loin
Stuffed loin

Preparation for the Stuffed Loin Recipe

  1. First, place the pork loin on a flat work surface and engrave the top deeply without piercing it.
  2. Now, season the meat with black pepper and enough salt and, inside the previous cuts, add the garlic, the tomato cut into thin slices and some slices of fontina;
  3. Take a large pan , covered with parchment paper, and place the seasoned pork loin on it.
  4. If you want to prepare a side dish of potatoes to accompany the meat, place them in the same pan already cut and season with a little salt and black pepper;
  5. Preheat the oven to 185 ° C and cook for about 1 hour . As soon as the loin roast is ready, let it cool down and enjoy this tasty main course. To be sure of optimal cooking, you can help yourself by checking the internal temperature of the loin with a cooking thermometer. The temperature should be around 72 ° C.


You can keep the stuffed pork loin in the oven in the refrigerator for up to 2 days in airtight containers. Alternatively, it can be frozen but only if fresh ingredients have been used.

For those who love the consistency of this cut of meat, here is the recipe for loin with thyme .

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