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Melissa herbal tea: a real well-being elixir

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Melissa herbal tea is a real wellness elixir: it boasts important properties that are worth knowing: let's see them all.

Known and used as much as chamomile, lemon balm tea has its roots in the mists of time. Obtained from a plant that can easily be grown at home, it boasts important beneficial properties that are worth knowing: let's discover them all, together with any contraindications.

Melissa herbal tea: an infusion with many benefits

Melissa herbal tea has been known since the dawn of time because it has truly precious beneficial properties . First of all, it is a real natural sedative, which manages to reduce both mental and bodily tensions in periods of severe stress or anxiety. Not only that, it also lowers the levels of nervousness and agitation. A cup of this infusion is also indicated for fighting insomnia , headaches , neuralgia, vertigo, tachycardia and nervous palpitations. Green light even in the presence of painful or irregular menstruation and digestive problems, including irritable bowel, gastritis , nausea or vomiting .

The lemon balm infusion is also an antiviral and an antibacterial, which makes it perfect for fighting flu, colds , coughs and sore throats. In cases like these, it is recommended to consume it piping hot , with the addition of a teaspoon of honey and a little lemon juice. If, on the other hand, you take it to combat the other problems listed above, avoid sugaring it but add lemon to taste.

Properties of lemon balm: not herbal tea, supplements are also excellent

The benefits of lemon balm, it should be emphasized, are not obtained only with herbal tea, but also with supplements or mother tincture. There are different types on the market, each with a particular indication, so before buying, ask your herbalist or trusted pharmacist for advice. Like chamomile, lemon balm has no contraindications . As long as you don't exaggerate with the quantities, everyone can take it, even children.

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