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Metaverse Fashion Week 2022: the debut of Mango and Elie Saab in the virtual world

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The MVFW 2022 for many brands was an opportunity to inaugurate their first flagship in the metaverse.

Although the Metaverse Fashion Week 2022 did not shine for the navigability of the platform, the experiment of this first edition in terms of participation was absolutely relevant. Fashion addicted and enthusiasts have in fact populated Decentraland with enthusiasm, and even if not all the fashion shows have been fully visible due to some connection obstacle, among the pleasures of the users there was certainly that of being able to move in a small fashion town, clothes with originality and imagination. Among the brands that have opened their headquarters for these new paths of the metaverse, also Mango and Elie Saab .

Elie Saab at MVFW 2022: a virtual luxury boutique dedicated to Haute Couture

The experience of the fashion metaverse and strictly that of MVFW 2022 for brands can also prove to be a test bed for experimenting, innovating collections, and even trying to test new launches. In this direction, Elie Saab, the historic brand born in 1978 when its founder was only 18 years old, decided to inaugurate a two-story virtual flagship within the UNXD Luxury District , the commercial shopping district of Decentraland, precisely on the occasion of this virtual fashion week.

Inside, two Haute Couture collections and an environmental design that favors black and white embellished with refined furnishings, distinguished by the brand’s monogram. “ We are taking decades of craftsmanship and vision into the future by exploring the relationship between the physical and the metaphysical . Embracing digital innovation allows us to expand the horizons of the Elie Saab universe to new communities and push our boundaries within this world , ”said CEO, Elie Saab Jr in a statement.

Fashion retail towards the metaverse: even Mango becomes familiar with virtual reality for the first time

Even the Spanish brand Mango, after the first foray of Zara which launched a collection between physical and virtual, takes its first steps in the metaverse: for its first time in the virtual world it chooses to create an artistic project together with the Argentine artist -Hungarian Fargas , an installation made up of three emblematic dress models of the brandLupi, Cinema and Monica – who attended the Decentraland Museum District on the occasion of MVFW 2022.

However, there will also be NFTs that can also be purchased and indomitable by users, including two NFTs of a commemorative t-shirt for men and women , conceived as collector’s items: in fact, at the base of a fashion NFT there is always a taste for exclusive. However, this is only a small beginning: Mango has in fact created an ad hoc team that will only take care of the digital strategy of the brand, thus working on an omnichannel perspective .

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