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Microstress: how to recognize it and why it is so harmful


Microstress is a potentially dangerous condition. So let's find out how to recognize it and how to act.

For some years now, problems related to stress have been increasingly known. What not everyone knows but which is becoming more and more the source of studies is that even minimal but constant levels of stress can be dangerous. Indeed, in some ways it may be even more so. And all because often those who suffer from it are not aware of it. By microstress, in fact, we mean a condition of constant tension or malaise that accumulates over time. Situation that can lead to various complications. Like, for example, premature aging.

What are the causes of microstress

Speaking of causes, those related to microstress are practically the same as the stress we all know. What changes is the physical reaction which, instead of being extreme and therefore visible as in the case of strong stress, is almost invisible.
In other words, the events that trigger microstress are so small that they don't trigger the classic brain reaction. Which on the one hand may seem positive but, on the other, it is detrimental to physical and mental health.


When we are faced with slightly stressful situations, in fact, in the absence of a brain reaction that helps us to deal with it, these lurk in the mind, accumulating together with many others and thus generating a different form of stress which is still really talked about little. The causes can therefore be of all kinds and range from too many emails to be processed to small problems in relationships with friends and relatives, etc…

When situations accumulate, the effects on the body are really heavy and, in the long run, deleterious. In addition to being sick, in fact, there is the risk of always living under pressure and all with a body that tends to age faster and which, in the most serious cases, can lead to heart problems and strokes. All the more reasons to try to act in time to resolve the situation.

Symptoms and treatments for microstress

When you find yourself experiencing this particular condition, the symptoms that can indicate it are different. They range from anxiety , to weight gain, to difficulty falling asleep .
In the presence of these symptoms, combined with unmotivated nervousness, depression and a general sense of well-being, it is always advisable to consult a doctor.

Once the problem is recognized, in fact, it is possible to heal and avoid getting worse.
To do this, just contact a psychotherapist who is an expert on the subject and who knows how to direct towards simple solutions to implement.

Alternatively, there are instances where learning assertiveness and knowing your limits while trying not to cross them can be a good way to ease the tension . Even putting the brakes on any friends who make constant requests can be a way to feel more serene. And while it may seem difficult at first, taking action is almost always a relief.

In the absence of the right personal tools, the use of a psychotherapist is always the most recommended option and able to take the first steps towards a better lifestyle.

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