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Microwave chickpea flour: a breakthrough for the preparation of this dish

microwave porridge

Preparing porridge in the microwave is really simple and allows you to significantly reduce cooking times. For a crunchy and delicious result.

Farinata di ceci, also known as cecina, is a typical product of Liguria and some areas of Tuscany prepared with chickpea flour. It is therefore perfect for filling up on proteins and, although its preparation is really very simple, it can be further simplified by preparing the porridge in the microwave.

For this recipe you will need an appliance equipped with the crisp function or which allows combined microwave + grill cooking. Only in this way will you have the characteristic crust on the typical surface of the dish. The rest of the procedure is similar to the traditional one: the batter is prepared, left to rest and only after a few hours can it be cooked.

microwave porridge
microwave porridge

How to make microwave porridge recipe

  1. First, put the chickpea flour in a bowl. Then pour the water slowly, mixing with a whisk to avoid the formation of lumps and, with the help of a slotted spoon, remove the foam that forms on the surface.
  2. Add oil and salt, give another stir and leave to rest covered with a plate for an hour. After this time, mix again, cover and leave to rest for another 3 hours . If you want, you can also transfer everything to the refrigerator and leave it overnight.
  3. Oil a 28 cm diameter plate for the crisp function , mix the batter and pour half of it inside.
  4. Activate the crisp function of the microwave and cook for 15 minutes then take it out of the oven. Oil the dish again and cook the other half of batter as well.

The porridge is excellent both hot and cold. If you don't have a microwave, you can also prepare it the traditional way .


Farinata can be kept wrapped in silver paper for a couple of days out of the refrigerator.

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