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Microwave confit cherry tomatoes

Microwave confit cherry tomatoes

We prepare the confit tomatoes in the microwave with (and without) the “Crisp” mode. The recipe in two versions for a very easy side dish.

Today we present a quick and easy recipe to prepare delicious confit cherry tomatoes in the microwave using the "Crisp" mode ( but also without it ). The "Crisp" mode of the microwave, in fact, allows you to obtain rapid and uniform cooking, giving the tomatoes a soft and juicy consistency. By adding a touch of sugar , the natural flavor of the cherry tomatoes is harmoniously balanced.

Ready to immerse ourselves in the preparation of this delight? Let's prepare the side dish and, if you don't have a microwave with Crisp mode, don't despair, we have a variant for you.

Microwave confit cherry tomatoes
Microwave confit cherry tomatoes

Preparation of confit tomatoes in the microwave

  1. Start by preparing the tomatoes. Wash them under running water and dry them carefully with a cloth or paper towel.
  2. Cut them in half.
  3. Arrange them in a dish suitable for the microwave, the Crisp plate which is usually always supplied with the newest appliances.
  4. Add a generous drizzle of olive oil, the minced garlic, the oregano, the sugar, a pinch of salt and pepper.
  5. Cover the dish with a lid or microwave-safe cling film , sealing tightly.
  6. Set your microwave oven to "Crisp" mode and cook the cherry tomatoes for about 20 minutes , checking from time to time to prevent them from burning. Cooking times may vary, depending a lot on the power of your microwave and the size of the vegetables, so be careful during preparation.

If you don't have the Crisp mode , don't despair, operate the appliance in microwave+grill mode at maximum power.

Once ready you can serve them as an appetizer, a condiment for pasta or as an accompaniment to meat or fish dishes. They are also delicious on crostini or bruschetta.

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We recommend keeping the side dish for a maximum of 2 days in the fridge , well covered in transparent film or in a special container with a lid.

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