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Milan Fashion Week: how to participate in the fashion week shows

Fashion Week

The appointment with Milan Fashion Week is one of the most anticipated of the year, but how is it possible to participate?

Fashion influencers, fashion bloggers, singers, pop stars, top models, how many VIPs we see participating in the annual appointments of Milan Fashion Week, to which must be added the professionals such as journalists and photographers who naturally have privileged access to fashion shows. If you are among the fashion addicted or simply among the curious who would like to attend even a single show of one of the coolest events in the world, there are some details that it is essential to know.

Milan Fashion Week: tickets at auction, where to find them and how to buy them

Milan Fashion Week is not exactly like an Expo or any fair, because it is not open to everyone. If you have tried to type the word tickets on google or have tried to find out how to participate in one of the shows on the calendar, you will have noticed that nothing will have led you to the purchase or solution. The reason is very simple: it is an exclusive event, not open to everyone and which includes a personal invitation.

Milan Fashion Week: tickets for auction

However, there are some tricks that could help you realize your dream, but you will have to be particularly good at monitoring some sites during the event. On CharityStars some tickets are auctioned during the fashion week: these are Vip invitations with a variable price and certainly not low cost, whose purchase cost is donated to charity.

Alternatively, to participate in the fashion shows, if the location is not full – but with the covid regulations, accessing a fashion show has generally become more difficult even for those working in the sector – there is the possibility that a small number of people may be given the opportunity to participate . It is therefore important to carefully follow the dates of the fashion shows and the locations, which are often communicated during construction.

Not just fashion shows: the events of the Milanese fashion week open to all

In a nutshell, therefore, only fashion journalists and photographers with a timely accreditation request on the Camera della Moda website before the start of the fashion week can access all the fashion shows, and anyone who receives a personal invitation, often sent by stylists and maison .

However, Milan Fashion Week is not just fashion shows: during the five days, in fact, meetings, concerts, exhibitions, talks and presentations are held in which it is possible to take part, often even for free. Also in this case the main point of reference remains the site but also the social networks of the Chamber of Fashion.

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