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Military green passion: how to combine the most decisive of greens

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Reassuring and decisive, military green is a trendy nuance again this winter: here's how it goes, even crazy!

Bold, determined, gritty, these are the adjectives that describe military green, a nuance that has now gone beyond the confines of trendy nuances. A bit like fuchsia – which, by the way, it goes very well – this shade of green has also earned a special place in the hearts of designers and stylists who have always included it in the wardrobe must-have color palette, from coats to blazers, from trousers to sweaters.

Military or olive green: parkas and coats, must haves forever

Military green or even olive green is like earthy colors a nuance that always comes back in its darker version in autumn but also prepares us for winter, which includes it in its parka and cocoon coat equipment to face the coldest temperatures rigid. In maxi trench format, peacoat, short or long coats. A color that suggests a rigorous, decisive but also adventurous look.

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But if there is an outerwear that over time has really been able to make this color its own, almost defining its own personal dresscode, that is the parka : water-repellent with or without fur, with or without padding, we are faced with a very versatile model that it transforms into a real Linus blanket. Once you buy this model in military green, you will discover how it can allow you to create a handful of looks ranging from casual to sporty.

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What colors to combine olive green with: basic or lively nuances

There are basic colors with which military green unquestionably goes well: black, white , beige, all the colors that in some way recall nature contribute to the creation of harmonious, minimal and sober looks, designed to be worn every day and for give such a strong color a note of warmth and softness. And never like in winter, this choice of style that's the way !

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For lovers of less is more , also pay attention to the total looks , even ton sur ton , which can be embellished with gold, white or black accessories that create the right glance: a style that pays homage to all naturalness and subtle nuances of this nuance, perfect with a pair of comfortable amphibians. On the other hand, color belongs to an entourage of garments that praises survival.

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And some header aka color stroke can we afford? Indeed, we must! The color block look prompts us to create unexpected combinations: yellow, orange, antique pink, grass green, lilac. An original, lively and colorful look, perfect during the day but also in the evening, daring even up to three colors.

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