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Milk pudding is so good: here’s how to prepare it

Milk pudding

The milk pudding is a fresh spoon dessert and really easy to prepare. Here are all the secrets of the recipe!

Milk pudding is a really good dessert, perfect for anyone looking for a delicious dessert to serve at the end of a meal or for a different snack . Compared to many other recipes, it is not necessary to use isinglass or other gelling agents.

The basic recipe can be modified according to taste: you can flavor the milk with lemon or orange peel, you can serve the pudding with strawberries or other fresh seasonal fruit. Below we explain how to prepare milk pudding without eggs for a light snack and more!

Milk pudding
Milk pudding

Preparation of milk pudding

  1. To prepare the light milk pudding , put the milk and the sifted cornstarch in a saucepan . Add the sugar and mix gently with a hand whisk. Put the saucepan on the fire and cook over a not too high flame without ever stopping stirring.
  2. Continue this until the milk starts to thicken . Pour the pudding into special pudding molds or single-portion cups .
  3. Let cool first at room temperature and then in the refrigerator until ready to serve. Decorate as desired with fresh seasonal fruit or toppings.

Milk pudding with eggs

The variants that we offer are really super delicious.

  • 250 g of milk
  • 60 g of sugar
  • 20 g of cornstarch
  • 2 eggs
  1. Heat the milk and cornstarch in a saucepan over medium heat. Wait for the mixture to boil then turn off the heat and set aside.
  2. On the side, beat the yolks with the sugar and whip the egg whites until stiff with a pinch of salt.
  3. Add the beaten egg yolks and whipped egg whites to the milk and cornstarch cream. Gently mix from bottom to top and pour the mixture thus obtained into a container suitable for cooking in a bain-marie.
  4. Cook the mixture in a double boiler until the cream thickens. Distribute it a little at a time in cups or molds and leave to rest in the refrigerator.

Grated milk pudding

To give an extra touch to your pudding you can put it in the oven so that a delicious crust forms on the surface. Whether you prepare it with or without eggs, you can dust the surface of the puddings with a little sugar and then put them in the oven, immediately after filling the moulds, at 180°C just long enough for the crust to form.


The pudding thus prepared can be stored in the refrigerator for 1-2 days after preparation.

At this point we cannot fail to recommend the recipe for the delicious chocolate pudding !

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