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Minimal, cut out or princely: the winter 2023 wedding dress trends

Winter wedding dress

For non-conformist brides who choose to get married in winter, here's how to choose the model of your dreams among the trendy wedding dresses and find the perfect mix and match between taste and trend.

White tunic wedding dress

From sumptuous and princely models to minimal ones that favor comfort, without forgetting the embroidered slip dress models that have exploded among the most desired for a few years, finely crafted and precious, how many wedding dresses could be right for us! The choice is so vast and so important to make that we need the right time to put ideas together and be able to identify a model where taste, comfort and dreams can meet. And keeping an eye on the latest trends can be the right way of inspiration to tidy up and understand what is the dress that can really be worn as sewn on, only and exclusively for us.

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