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Minimal, satin and low cost: the 2022 bridal collection by Zara

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Delicate, romantic, boho: the Zara collection of wedding dresses has the nuances of a summer dawn.

How many weddings await you this year? Judging by the estimates of this 2022, the question seems to be more than rhetoric, because this year the sector seems to be in great turmoil and if maybe you are not the lucky one, you will surely have already known that at least one wedding awaits you by the end of this year. So, whether it is the hunt for wedding dresses if you will be the one to crown your dream of love after a long wait, or the search for a ceremony dress to take part in the wedding parties to come, the offer of the fashion wedding it seems to multiply more and more. To the point that even Zara has just launched her own bridal collection .

Zara wedding dresses: the 2022 collection enriches last year’s launch of wedding dresses and accessories

If last year the Inditex giant anticipated its entry into the wedding on tiptoe following the direction already experienced by H&M and Ovs, this year Zara is talking about a real bridal collection.

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The line that the company has presented and already shown in some shots on Instagram wants to be a fresh proposal for a contemporary woman who wants a bright future : the selected palette of nuances, which is not limited to the only and classic white, interprets perfectly this intention, reminding us of the delicate colors of a sunrise. On the other hand, marriage represents a new beginning: a new chapter for the couple and for the individual, made up of joys and difficulties, the same ones we experience at the dawn of a new day.

Investing in this new slice of the market for Zara is not a gamble, but responding to a need that has been making room for some time in the fashion wedding: that of choosing a dream dress that is not destined to be closed forever in the wardrobe, and that’s why it tends to be less princely but minimal, composed and informal . And the line of models proposed by Zara perfectly meets these needs, together with another great demand: low cost .

Zara and the wedding dress line: the models and how much they cost

Bodysuits, corsets, headbands, scarves, lingerie and formal dresses were launched by Zara last year, to which now wedding dresses are added: bright, chic, delicate to the touch models, proposed in six variations and in a price range ranging from 100 to 160 euros . Really within everyone’s reach.

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Among the most seductive, there is the slip dress model with a draped neckline with thin shoulders and an asymmetrical hem, characterized by a pronounced train. The color is a bright ivory, with almost golden reflections. Together with the high-neck satin model and the one in silk with embroidery embellished with laces on the neckline, of the same color, they are the most expensive of the collection. All available online .

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