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Minimal, sustainable, elegant, Snow: the Giorgio Armani snow look on the catwalk in St.Moritz

Girl with snow look

Once again it's a style lesson with Giorgio Armani, who presented the Neve collection in St.Moritz

Telling the beauty of winter fashion through the colors of snow-covered or sun-kissed high-altitude landscapes, wearing comfortable clothes, but above all capable of keeping you warm without sacrificing practicality. Giorgio Armani's Neve fashion show seems to give us this perspective, where in the beautiful St.Moritz King Giorgio organized a four-day high-fashion event to present the brand's sustainable commitments and the collections purely dedicated to ski and after-ski clothing. at least on paper. Because this collection makes you want to wear it even in the city and you want to review and update your wardrobe for low temperatures.

Armani shows in St. Moritz: Neve is the high-altitude snow look collection

St.Moritz is the first of the various stops on this Armani winter tour , which not only talks about fashion but also about sustainability: in fact, the event was organized in collaboration with the Swiss Tourist Board and designed to minimize the impact environmental by avoiding food waste and the use of single-use plastic, encouraging the reuse and reuse of materials, promoting separate collection and using LED lighting to neutralize all residual greenhouse gas emissions.

This frame also tells the scope of the collection, launched in the 90s and revised and corrected today, refined and more sophisticated even if designed for leisure time spent on the snow, often in the name of sport, but also for a walk in the city . In fact, the volumes are particularly contained: there is a practical, hi-tech aesthetic that rewrites the snow style that can also land in the city thanks to the minimal and sophisticated touch that has always distinguished the Armani universe. Also elegant and delicate are the colors that celebrate pastel nuances inspired by the world of snow and nature in winter.

Snow look: The must haves from the snow to the city according to King George

We could start from the wonderful navy-style coat worn by Giorgio Armani and get to the key pieces of the Neve collection to review our winter wardrobe, where it is undoubtedly the careful choice of fabrics and must-haves that allow us to "stratify" our look , but not too much. The first lesson of snow is that the must-have that cannot be missing to resist winter is the fur effect : from ushankas to hats, from jackets to coats, just one detail is enough to be immediately chic.

Then there are waterproof, warm and rainproof hi-tech skirts and trousers, the nylon belt in the elegant dress code becomes thinner and is in leather, to be worn with cushioned down jackets with an ergonomic texture. Space then for the classics, velvet and geometric patterns that wink at sweaters with an 80s allure. The fashion tips to steal are laces or belts to tighten gently at the waist to give silhouette even to oversized and loose garments.

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