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Moscow Mule: ingredients and cocktail recipe (which doesn’t come from Moscow)

Moscow mules

How to prepare the Moscow Mule, a fresh and refreshing cocktail based on vodka and ginger beer? Here is the step-by-step recipe!

Today we explain how to prepare the Moscow Mule, a lime-scented long drink with vodka and ginger beer. It should be noted that contrary to what one might think, this cocktail has nothing to do with Russia and Moscow – except the use of vodka .

Don't believe it? Below we explain the steps of the preparation, the history and some combinations!

Moscow mules
Moscow mules

Preparation of the original moscow mule

  1. Pour the ice into a copper cup or, alternatively, into a very cold tall cocktail tumbler (until the containers are full).
  2. Add the vodka, squeezed and strained lime juice and ginger beer.
  3. Mix with a teaspoon or directly with a straw.
  4. Decorate with a lime wedge and serve immediately .

If you want, you can also add the piece of lime squeezed directly into the copper cup, so that the Russian cocktail tastes even more citrusy.

The variants of the drink: the 3 most famous and how to prepare them

You should know that the most famous variants of the drink are:

  • London Mule, nothing changes in terms of preparation, however you will have to replace the mule's vodka with gin .
  • The Mexican Mule, also known as Mexican Burro, is a cocktail that involves the use of tequila .
  • Finally, the Kentucky Mule, in addition to ginger beer and lime, adds the characteristic flavor of Bourbon whiskey .


Consume the drink at the moment , as soon as it is ready.

Where to serve the moscow mule and pairings with the drink

Usually, the Moscow Mule cocktail is served and consumed in the classic copper cup , as this metal is an excellent conductor of heat, allowing the vessel to cool down quickly. Furthermore, the taste of the lime juice in copper takes on a particular peculiarity, further enriching the flavor of this long drink.

How to match the moscow mule drink? This drink lends itself to more traditional combinations : try it with finger food, a platter of cheeses or cold cuts, canapés, friselle or appetizers of all kinds. Since the moscow mule is a perfect summer cocktail, you can also combine it with a good plate of paella .

Moscow mule: history and origin

You should know that the famous long drink originated in 1941 at the Chatam, a New York bar, where two entrepreneurs met with the aim of improving the fortunes of their businesses. Mr. John G. Martin had encountered many difficulties in distributing vodka in the United States, while the owner of a super cool Hollywood club was trying to launch a ginger-based drink, ginger beer.

From the meeting that evening the two came up with the idea of ​​uniting their products which by themselves were struggling to emerge . The two well thought of adding a little lime to everything: the touch that was missing to complete the lucky cocktail. The two were then joined by an entrepreneur who suggested serving the coctkail in copper cups which – guess what – had the outline of a donkey on them.

Initially this drink took the name of Vodka Buck and only a few years later it was definitively launched on the market with the name of Moscow Mule which means "Moscow mule". The original ingredients are always and only vodka, lime and ginger beer, nothing else, even if it's a few, I occasionally add a few cucumbers which, however, have nothing to do with the classic recipe.

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