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Mug cake in air fryer

Mug cake in air fryer

How good and easy is the cake in the cup, in the air fryer it is even faster. Let's discover the recipe and the steps.

The cake in the cup and in the air fryer is a tasty recipe to prepare in a few minutes at home for a moment of pure pleasure for the palate. It is a particularly soft cake that is cooked directly in the cup to create single portions to offer to your guests or to children and adults in the house. For those with a sweet tooth, it can be enjoyed in combination with a good vanilla ice cream or a panna cotta flavour. It can be consumed as a dessert in the early afternoon, perhaps together with a good cup of tea and a light, refreshing drink. It can also be the ideal solution to complete a meal with taste and elegance.

Mug cake in air fryer
Mug cake in air fryer

Preparing the cup cake in the air fryer

  1. Sift the flour to divide into small grains.
  2. Take a bowl, even a small one, and add the sugar.
  3. Add the flour, cocoa and yeast, then also the oil and milk.
  4. Mix everything together with a manual whisk .
  5. Take the classic cups you have at home for coffee or large herbal tea cups.
  6. Grease the inside of the cups well with a little butter.
  7. Pour the mixture equally into the 2 large cups (or into the 6 coffee cups ), then turn on the air fryer at 170°C .
  8. Cook for at least 10 minutes .
  9. Carry out the toothpick test to understand when the cake is ready.
  10. Remove from the fryer and decorate with sprinkles or icing sugar to taste.

It's very easy, and if you don't have a fryer you can proceed with the classic recipe


It can be stored in the fridge during summer days when temperatures are very high. Otherwise it's fine out of the fridge at room temperature. It should be underlined that before putting it in the fridge it is essential to wait for the cake to cool otherwise the ceramic of the cup could be ruined.

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