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Mugler defines a new skinwear together with Wolford: sensual and modeling

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Socks, leggings and dresses that enhance the silhouette: Wolford and Mugler celebrate the body with a very sensual capsule

If it is now universally known that Pierpaolo Piccioli is the best colorist around, we can say that without a shadow of a doubt the best designer of second skin clothes belongs to Casey Cadwallader, creative director of Mugler. Elodie, Dua Lipa, Chiara Ferragni, Bella and Gigi Hadid, are some of the ambassador faces of the two-tone tracksuits and trousers with a hi-tech allure of the brand, emphasizing their charm. And Wolford has grasped how much this second skin could rhyme with practical accessories such as socks and leggings, giving life to a capsule that makes the now well-known bicolor motif of the French maison ready-to-wear.

Mugler + Wolford collab: a silhouette-sized capsule collection

Haute couture now loves to delve more and more into the maze of ready to wear and make trendy and visionary collaborations possible. For Wolford , the meeting with Mugler is the perfect mix that combines craftsmanship and the choice of precious materials that unite the paths of the two brands with Cadwallader's creativity. The result is an exclusive and versatile collection that celebrates the beauty and sensuality of the body.

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Flocked patterns, modeling and functional constructions thus draw sensual lines that actually refer to a partnership that had roots in the 80s. Wolford and Thierry Mugler in fact created a collection consisting of two matching sets focused on the search for an exceptional fit , and it is still under this sign that the new collab is sanctioned.

“Casey's unique sensitivity and personal vision have revitalized Mugler's artistic and experimental heritage. His talent honors the impeccable craftsmanship required for this haute couture type production, and together we will take Wolford's avant-garde leadership in skinwear to an even higher level, enhancing as always our exclusive and extraordinary collaborations " , explained Silvia Azzali. , CCO of Wolford, in a note.

The pieces that make up the capsule and how much they cost

The skinwear capsule created by Wolford and Mugler consists of 12 pieces including socks, bodysuits, leggings, gloves, dresses and bikers with a special and refined modeling construction. On the Wolford website you can buy the entire collection that prefers black with the exception of socks, available in a rich palette of colors such as orange, purple and powder.

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The prices are not exactly as high as they were for the infamous Gucci socks with tears but given the special material and the concept they cost from 200 euros for the leggings with lace up to 800 euros for the catsuit. The pantyhose stockings have a price ranging from 120 to 150 euros, while the leggings and the body on 500 euros.

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