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Myringitis: what it is, how to recognize it and what are the treatments


Myringitis is inflammation of the ear that can lead to pain and hearing problems. Let’s find out what the symptoms and possible treatments are.

When we talk about myringitis we mean an inflammation of the eardrum which is always accompanied by severe pain, hearing loss, blisters and, sometimes, even fever.
A problem that in some cases can therefore be difficult to recognize on your own and that always requires an expert medical opinion. Fortunately, once identified, it can be cured in a few days by bringing the ear back to its natural condition.

Myringitis: main symptoms and causes

Symptoms of myringitis usually include hearing loss, severe pain in the inflamed ear, itching, tinnitus, fever, and blood from the ear.


In the presence of these symptoms it is therefore very important to contact your doctor in order to obtain a precise diagnosis and, of course, a cure.
Going to the causes that can cause it, there are otitis , the entry of foreign bodies into the ear, incorrect cleaning and, more generally, everything that can lead to an infection.

Based on the severity of the situation, myringitis is classified in different ways and among many, one of the best known is bullous myringitis. Whatever the stage, however, it is possible to heal in a short time thanks to the right treatment .

How to cure myringitis

As already mentioned, in order to have a precise diagnosis it is important to go to an ENT who, through the study of the ear, can identify both the type of problem and its entity.
Usually the cure is represented by the use of an antibiotic that can clear the infection and an analgesic to relieve the pain. In the case of myringitis with very present vesicles , it may be necessary to perforate the same in order to decrease the painful symptoms.

When the problem occurs in children, it is very important to avoid letting them stay in contact with other children as myringitis is one of the contagious diseases .
Furthermore, given the frequency with which it occurs in preschool and school age, it is always advisable to keep your eyes open and notify the doctor at the first suspicious symptoms. This will prevent the pain from becoming too acute.

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