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Natural remedies for scars: here’s how to hide them or make them less visible


Are there any natural remedies for scars to make them less visible? You need to be aware of what type of scar it is, and then here’s how!

When you have scars, you tend to hide them or try not to show them for an aesthetic factor. If you feel embarrassed, you can use natural remedies to reduce, or even completely disappear, recent scars and not too deep. Then of course it matters what kind of scar you have, and where it is on the body. There are natural products , such as almond oil or lemon that are great for making the skin more elastic and stimulating cell renewal .

Let’s see what are the best natural remedies for scars to make them less visible depending on the type, from the slightest to the deepest .

Remedies for scars: the types

Before proceeding with the remedies, it is good to know which types of scars are most common. There are three of them: hypertrophic, keloid and atrophic.

The former are formed due to the excessive production of connective tissue due to a wound , usually deep. The latter are generally much larger than the wound, and come in areas of the body where there is greater tension and in subjects who are highly predisposed, particularly those with darker complexions. Finally the atrophic ones come in points of the body where the presence of collagen is missing, creating a depression. These are the common scars for those who have suffered from acne or even chickenpox .

Hypertrophic scars: natural remedies


Rose water has an excellent healing power. It is very useful in alleviating small recent wounds . You can buy it ready-made, or prepare it at home with the petals: boil about twenty petals in distilled water for 15 minutes and be careful not to let the steam out because otherwise you risk losing all the beneficial substances of the petals. Then turn off the heat and let it cool , without ever removing the lid. Finally, dab where necessary without rinsing.

-Apply some lemon juice to the scar. This contains alpha hydroxy acids, which help remove dead skin cells and stimulate the growth of new cells. As a result you will have a more elastic skin and the scar will gradually lighten.

– Also try amla , known as Indian gooseberry , it is rich in vitamin C and an excellent antibacterial. When applied to a healed wound, cell stimulation will help. Another of the magical properties of this fruit is to protect the immune system . Therefore, it helps prevent diseases and is very useful in cases of sudden changes in temperature, flu and colds.

Keloid scars: natural remedies

-A true wonder are the massages and treatments based on almond oil . This product has always been used and is one of the few that ensures visible results for both light and deeper scars. If combined with olive oil it carries out a portentous action, slowly restoring elasticity to the skin.

-Honey is also useful for making scars less visible. If combined with a few drops of lemon it increases its effectiveness. Mix the two ingredients together and leave for about twenty minutes and then rinse.

Acne scars: natural remedies

-Coconut water is a marvel for collagen stimulation, because it is rich in minerals, vitamins and antioxidants. You have to apply it on the scar at least twice a day, and then see the benefits in a few days.


-Another natural remedies is vitamin E oil , also indicated for dry skin and to hide spots on the skin. It proceeds with putting a few drops of oil on a cotton ball and then applied on the scar every night before going to sleep. It will take effect shortly thereafter.

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