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Natural remedies to fight the Australian flu: here are the best

Herbal teas for flu

Are there natural remedies to fight the Australian flu? Let's see the most effective ones and the most appropriate drug treatment.

After almost three years of the Covid-19 pandemic, the flu has resumed circulating as it once did, even earlier than in the pre-Coronavirus era. To date, the most widespread variant is the Australian one, which causes high fever and can last up to ten days, leaving great exhaustion. Let's see if there are effective natural remedies.

Australian flu: the most effective natural remedies

The Australian flu, so named because it was first isolated in Australia, can cause a variety of symptoms , some more severe than others. The intensity of the discomfort can vary from person to person, also according to one's pain threshold. In any case, with this flu syndrome the following can occur: high fever (between 38° and 40°), muscle and bone pain, chills , weakness, tiredness and drowsiness, runny nose, dry cough , sneezing, nasal congestion, sweating and lack of appetite. Children can also experience vomiting and diarrhea.

Depending on the symptom that bothers you the most, there are several natural remedies to fight the Australian flu . Without a shadow of a doubt, the dear old suffumiges are a real panacea. The most suitable essential oils are: tea tree oil (2 drops), eucalyptus (2 drops), thyme (1 drop) and lavender (2 drops). If you don't have oleoliths at home you can use chamomile or a teaspoon of baking soda. In the presence of cough, nasal congestion and runny nose you can prepare a solution based on coconut oil, or another carrier oil, and eucalyptus essential oil. The compound is applied to the chest, as if it were Vicks Sinex. Among the Bach flowers , however, the most suitable one is Cran Apple, perfect for fighting viruses and bacteria.


How to fight the Australian flu: no antibiotics

As in all other syndromes, even against the Australian flu it is recommended to rest as much as possible and increase the consumption of foods rich in vitamin C. Also, remember to drink a lot, including herbal teas, because the body must always be kept hydrated. As far as medications are concerned, antibiotics are absolutely forbidden because it is not a viral but a bacterial infection. In the presence of high fever, paracetamol is recommended, while anti-inflammatories are recommended for bone and muscle pain. In any case, it is advisable to seek the opinion of the doctor before starting any therapy.

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