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Neapolitan Migliaccio: the recipe for the Carnival dessert

Neapolitan milestone

Migliaccio is a typical dessert of Neapolitan cuisine based on ricotta, semolina and milk to be prepared for the Carnival party.

What Carnival would be without millet, the typical dessert of the Campania tradition ? This cake has very ancient origins and according to ancient customs it was prepared by mixing millet flour with pig's blood, from which it takes its name. Today, basically, to prepare the Neapolitan mileccio, the original recipe no longer provides for the use of blood and semolina, which is processed with milk, ricotta and other ingredients, replaces millet.

Try to prepare it at home: this cake is good enjoyed throughout the year and will surely please everyone. Here is the preparation of the Carnival mile.

Neapolitan milestone
Neapolitan milestone

Preparation of the Carnival millet

  1. In a saucepan, heat the milk, the water, the butter with the vanillin and the lemon zest. Once the milk has absorbed the citrus aroma, remove the peels and pour in the semolina, continuing to stir for about ten minutes.
  2. Once ready, let it rest until it has cooled down . It is important that it is cold otherwise you risk cooking the eggs.
  3. At this point, in another bowl, beat the eggs with the remaining part of the lemon and orange peel, then pour in the sugar until you obtain a frothy mixture; then add the ricotta and lastly the semolina. Continue to mix the mixture until it is nice and homogeneous .
  4. Transfer all the dough into a cake tin and you just have to bake the Carnival cake in a hot oven at about 200°C for at least 50 minutes.
  5. Let it cool and decorate it with a layer of icing sugar. Enjoy your meal!

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Mileage retention

We recommend keeping it in the refrigerator until serving and no later than 3/4 days after preparation .

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