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Nervous breakdown: how to recognize it and what to do

nervous breakdown

Nervous breakdown is a state of mind that usually stems from too much stress. Let's find out how to recognize it and how to act when it occurs.

Suffering from a nervous breakdown means being in a particular mental state that can upset the sufferer leading to a form of both physical and mental fatigue . A nervous breakdown, therefore, leads those who have one to appear tired, down in the dumps and with little desire to act. This condition can be both temporal and continuous and according to experts it always originates from the so-called breakdown or nervous collapse, or a triggering moment that gave rise to everything.

Symptoms of nervous breakdown

To be able to better understand the nervous breakdown, the causes to be investigated are, as already mentioned, all those related to stress.

nervous breakdown
nervous breakdown

Going instead to the nervous breakdown and physical symptoms, it is very important to learn to recognize them in time. Among the best known are:

– Chronic fatigue
– Depression
– Negative attitude towards life
– Want to always stay at home
– Insecurity
– Sleep disorders
– Sense of confusion
– Poor personal care
– Confused thoughts
– Mood swings

Faced with these symptoms it is very important to investigate yourself better in order to understand if there are problems that can be solved immediately,

Nervous breakdown and cure

When you are faced with a nervous breakdown, the most important thing is to recognize it so that you can act in the most correct way. The first thing to do is obviously to contact a specialist in order to trace the actual causes and act on them.

As for the ways to solve such a problem, there are certainly psychotherapy and, in the case of other causes, also the use of some drugs that can help during the early days of therapy. Among the best known and most effective are expressive therapy, cognitive-behavioral therapy and psychotherapy. What matters is to act in time so as not to aggravate the conditions . In this way you can in fact avoid getting worse and put in place everything you need to recharge your mind and go back to regaining possession of your life.

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