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Never without a scarf: our all-time favorite winter passepartout

Red and black checked scarf

Maxi, colourful, decorated, personalised, the scarf is always at the forefront of cold-proof accessory trends

An accessory that needs no introduction and that climbs the trend chart every winter in a flash with the arrival of the first cold weather: the scarf is often the first companion we blindly trust when we go out in the evening at the gates of autumn or early in the morning we realize that it's cool but not yet cold. And so the scarf envelops us in a warm embrace around the neck to give us that feeling of comfort that we love even more in winter. And then we must add that this accessory can be versatile enough to always find new ideas to embellish our looks.

Scarf trends 2022-2023: logoed, handmade, multicolor striped

There is a scarf for each of us: minimal, chic, designer, handmade, sophisticated, we like to have more than one in the wardrobe so that we can combine it with the look we choose by having a varied amount of textures and nuances.

The most elegant this year are essential, not too long and embellished with fringes or logos : they are those signed by the big fashion houses, which prefer a comfortable and thin wool, creating models that can also be shown off under a blazer without feeling overwhelmed by the effect volume.

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Yet the effect of extreme softness is appreciated and since the art of crochet was rediscovered in the pandemic, for many the scarf has become an accessory to be packaged and personalized. The voluminous and intertwined texture of the handmade is an ambassador of a truly made with one's own hands.

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Also back on our garments, this year stripes also invade scarves, but they don't stop at the two-tone: they thus become even more imaginative, irreverent, creative, an explosion of joy thanks to multicolor stripes perfect for a casual look or to play down a glamorous look.

On the shoulders like a shawl or a cardigan, around the neck like a necklace: how to wear it

The diktat of the season is: stop looking at the scarf simply as a scarf! Because this accessory can turn into something extremely smart: the long and double models can become cardigans to be tied behind the back, or left open they become practical shawls that protect the shoulders even in closed places where we will be still for a long time – in the office at example – or in a sophisticated version, they become the accessory that completes an elegant evening look.

With the edges falling together on the front or one behind and the other forward, with a coat or a blazer – with crops the multi-length effect is even more glamorous – the scarf can always be worn freely and even wrapped around around the neck as if it were a necklace: the effect will be different depending on the model, more enveloping and full-bodied if double, softer and more decorative if in fine fabrics but less compact.

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