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No trousers, no skirt: only tights, the new trend that is raging among influencers

tights with polka dots

The desire to discover oneself grows even in winter and ever more daring combinations are born. Among the latest trends, trust in tights and give up both skirt and trousers.

Yes, you read that right, going out without a skirt or pants is one of the new prevailing trends. How is it possible? Complicit is certainly also a winter that has become much less harsh, at least in its first months, which has ignited even more the desire to discover oneself and to cover oneself with a few less layers of fabric. Suffice it to say that the fashion campaigns have often shown us looks with the pelvis from the outside, a super-confirmed trend also for this winter. The very latest one, on the other hand, is the one that would allow us to go out in a pair of tights and a sweater that is even shorter than a miniskirt and is liked by, especially by influencers.

Winter 2022 trends: from Kendall Jenner to Chiara Ferragni, influencers try to consolidate the trend

In this winter, therefore, there seems to be a bit of spring if not even a bit of summer. We know well how much VIPs and influencers are capable of consolidating a trend: maybe we won't go out just like Kendall Jenner , the boldest of all who took to the streets the exact minimal look staged on the Bottega Veneta catwalk, but the inspiration there is and some similar outfits could soon consolidate as key looks.

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Kendall Jenner's look features the essentials to pack this look in a casual version: pantyhose-fit tights, briefs or bodysuits and tops to customize as you prefer but which fall softly along the sides to leave a see-through effect… trousers or skirt you left them at home. An elegant and alternative key, even a little summery with the choice of sandals, was worn by Chiara Ferragni who strategically aims for an elegant evening on a butt-height Blazer and a pair of open lace leggings. Definitely cool!

The alternative looks of Hailey Bieber and Valentina Ferragni

There are many and strategic variations on a theme that we can create, to make this look without a skirt and trousers an elegant prêt-à-porter. The first idea is suggested by Valentina Ferragni , with a mood of "the makeup is there but you can't see it": the influencer in fact wears high-waisted briefs but combines them with a transparent mesh and lace skirt, "normalizing" her look with a crop tee and cardigan.

Hailey Bieber also offers an alternative, with her crotchless little black dress, which she combines with a long jacket, completing her total black look with a pair of simple tights with a transparent effect and diluting the sensuality of the outfit. She too chooses pumps, which are currently the must have of this sexy look but also versatile enough to create new combinations.

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