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Normal chicken

Normal chicken

A delicious and unmissable recipe, we prepare the chicken as usual, with aubergines and salted ricotta.

The chicken alla norma recipe is very well known and, as its name indicates, derives from another well-known preparation. This second course, in fact, is inspired by the famous pasta alla norma , a typical Sicilian dish known practically all over the world. This preparation is also suitable for chicken meat which, cooked with these ingredients, becomes tasty and tasty (try it for yourself).

The main ingredient, in fact, is chicken breast. The meat should be cut into bite-sized pieces and seasoned with aubergines , tomato sauce and salted ricotta. Serve it immediately on the table to make any lunch special.

Normal chicken
Normal chicken

Preparing the recipe for chicken alla norm

  1. After cleaning the meat, you can cut the chicken breast into cubes .
  2. Pour the flour onto a plate and flour each piece completely.
  3. Place the chicken pieces in a sieve and shake to remove excess flour.
  4. At this point, pour a spoonful of oil, slowly, onto the bottom of a pan.
  5. Add the chicken pieces and leave to brown for 5 minutes, turning them on all sides.
  6. Once cooked, remove it from the pan, leaving it on a plate.
  7. In the pan, add the garlic clove and pour in the peeled tomatoes.
  8. Lightly crush the peeled tomatoes and, after adding the basil, cover with the lid. Leave to cook for 30 minutes over low heat.
  9. In the meantime, wash the aubergines. Cut off the ends, cut the pulp first into slices and then into cubes.
  10. Pour the seed oil into a saucepan and heat it on the stove.
  11. When it reaches 170°C , immerse the aubergine pieces. Fry until they become golden brown.
  12. Once finished, drain them and place them on a tray covered with absorbent paper to dry them.
  13. Once the sauce is cooked, remove the garlic and add the chicken pieces.
  14. Season with pepper and salt and cook for about 15 minutes over low heat.
  15. When finished, turn off. Add the aubergines and the ricotta salata, grating it.
  16. Mix to flavor everything and you can serve immediately!
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Chicken alla norma is a very substantial but also nutritious second course. You can store it for 2 days in the fridge , in an airtight container.

A lighter alternative is chicken salad .

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