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Not only in winter, tartan will also be worn in summer: the trend on the s/s 2023 catwalks


No longer just in winter, starting this year we will wear tartan also during the summer: here are the garments to say yes to.

When winter arrives and even more so the Christmas holidays, among the iconic colors and fabrics of the season the first we generally think of is tartan: a Scottish fabric that our mothers have introduced us to since we were little girls, so whoever raises his hand she hasn't worn a red or blue plaid skirt at least once! The origins of this fantasy are regal and all British style , but as always happens in the world of fashion, a tradition is accepted, integrated and perhaps even overturned over time. And this is how tartan today has gone far beyond the classic colors of red / green or blue / green, and even beyond the season. Because it seems that in this 2023 we won't just wear it in winter.

Tartan: the royal origins of a British and historic fabric

Even today, the British retain and nurture a certain fascination for the tartan pattern. Kate Middleton herself from time to time for institutional occasions surprises us with tartan dresses or accessories in different color combinations, which symbolically give her look that British touch that does not weigh down the overall outfit but remains anchored with style to the need to always invoke a status that is required of her for her position.

In fact, in ancient times tartan was born more than for taste, for a very clear need: this check fabric originating from the Scottish Highlands was in fact used to distinguish the different clans, which is why the combinations were always different. With the English crown however, the tartan has become a symbol of value, identifying the history of royalty: Queen Elizabeth II's personal tartan was the Royal Stewart , a pattern from the 1800s that was made known in 1831 with the publication of the book The James Logan's Scottish Gael .

The name was inspired by the Scottish dynasty of the same name, but also took the name of Balmoral , referring to Balmoral Castle purchased by Prince Albert together with Queen Victoria in 1853, when this fabric may have been created. This pattern has been handed down over time until today, being much loved by Elizabeth, George VI and Charles.

How to wear tartan fabric in spring/summer 2023: trends and look inspo from the catwalks

Not only the most classic tartan, the red, green and black one but also new combinations that mix beige, black and white in a shade with a summer allure: this is how Burberry revisits the tartan that the maison has made iconic on the spring/summer 2023 catwalk , ready to invade long armhole dresses and not just trench coats anymore. Semi-transparent jumpsuits and T-shirts enter the key garments for spring, which lightly reproduce the iconic tartan.

Tartan in its purest form is instead proposed by Junya Watanabe , who recalling the new romantic style in a mix between British style and the romantic punk of Vivienne Westwood proposes for the summer a long and asymmetrical dress in red tartan, to be embellished with pearls and worn with a pair of combat boots. A chic rock look.

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