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Not only trendy but also with an elastic fit: this is why bootcut jeans are the most loved of the moment

Bootcut jeans look

Flared but not too much, a mix of practicality and elegance: bootcut jeans are this season's smart investment

There is no doubt that denim is the must-have trendy fabric for this spring/summer 2023 season: a great comeback directly from the 2000s that is impossible to resist, from total looks to key and strategic pieces that we can mix. And among these, a special place, an investment to be made with your eyes closed, are bootcut jeans: with an elastic and comfortable fit, they are a perfect alternative to oversized models for those looking for something more snug. If you're wondering how to recognize them – we know it well, finding your way around the many different jeans models isn't easy – and if they really look good on everyone, here's everything you need to know about these super trendy jeans.

Bootcut jeans: who they look good on and how to recognize them

Bootcut jeans are a different declination of flared denim trousers, the 70s model that was already re-proposed in the 2000s. Nostalgia yes, but with a new look: less leg and therefore more practicality, a snug but comfortable and shaping fit model, thus slimming the figure and lengthening the legs. Details that leave no doubts: they look good on absolutely everyone!

Recognizing them is simpler than one might think: the paw is reduced and has a bell shape under which there is no shoe that is not perfectly welcomed and valued. Sneakers, sandals, amphibians, ankle boots, celebs have repeatedly shown us how many looks we can play and create with these jeans, such as Bella Hadid who combines a pair of pointed boots and Victoria Beckham who chooses them as an alternative to her beloved palazzo pants sartorial.

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Denim spring/summer 2023 look inspo

Even among bootcut jeans, like many of this year's denim trousers, there is an embarrassment of choice: from light-washed models with rips as proposed by Diesel with high or low waists, also allowing a glimpse of the underwear, with bell bottoms with a tie-dye effect, to be combined with microtops and bustier tops if you want to use with a bolder denim look.

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Leggings version models, elasticated and with denim that veers towards light blue, are those proposed by the new Calzedonia collection, also embellished with slits on the front that enhance the shoe even more, in this case it is a colorful pointed décolleté to wear in the free time but also to be declined in an office look by completing it with a blazer.

– As the cut suggests, of course these jeans also look great with a pair of combat boots or Texan boots, perfect for creating a casual street look , with a sweatshirt or even a top and a denim jacket to focus on total denim, this outfit trend season.

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