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Orthodontics: what possibilities in adulthood?

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Orthodontics is the dental discipline that deals with the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of malocclusions, i.e. when the upper and lower dental arches do not fit perfectly due to the anomalous position of one or more teeth.

To prevent these situations from continuing as adults, it is advisable to intervene at a young age , evaluating together with the specialist the most suitable therapy to restore the aesthetics of the smile and correct functional problems in chewing or speaking.

However, orthodontics is able to provide concrete answers for adults too , in fact in the event of malocclusions it is possible to undergo orthodontic treatment at any age . The only aspect on which it is not possible to obtain results are the dental bones, i.e. the position of the jaws.

In all other cases it is possible to improve the health of the teeth through dedicated orthodontic solutions for adults. Obviously it is important to contact specialized professionals and suitable clinics , to take advantage of modern orthodontic treatments and innovative solutions for the treatment of malocclusions in adulthood.

These are specialized structures such as the Castelletto Orthodontic Center in Genoa, where it is possible to find specialized dentists with over 10 years of experience and innovative orthodontic solutions for adults and children. In a modern and lively environment, with empathetic and kind staff, the Orthodontic Center of Genoa offers painless and minimally invasive approaches, the best digital equipment and personalized payments.

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Orthodontic solutions for crooked teeth in adults

Among the solutions with which it is possible to intervene on crooked teeth in adults it is possible to include fixed or mobile appliances , able to provide a visible and lasting result to correct the position of the teeth and recover a functional and beautiful smile to see. These are more effective aids than dental veneers or dental prostheses, but at the same time less invasive than orthognathic surgery which modifies the position of the jaw bones.

An innovative method is represented by treatments with transparent aligners , to align the teeth in a discreet and comfortable way through the application of custom-made aligners to be worn 22 hours a day and to be replaced every 7/10 days. Alternatively, it is possible to use fixed appliances with metal brackets , which are now available in the latest generation versions with very thin arches for a completely painless and precise treatment.

A variant consists of fixed braces with ceramic aesthetic brackets , with the possibility of making the attachments less visible when smiling to minimize discomfort in everyday adult life.

Another option is lingual appliances , fixed appliances with brackets and wire cemented inside the teeth, a solution that guarantees high performance, optimal comfort and complete customization based on the shape and position of the teeth.

Causes and prevention of malocclusions in adulthood

Malocclusions in adults can be due to numerous causes. First of all, there is genetic predisposition , when the position of the teeth is not correct within the dental arches and cannot be attributed to other factors. This condition can also occur following the loss of teeth , or the failure to replace missing teeth , as the remaining ones can assume incorrect positions and cause an imperfect match of the dental arches.

Malocclusions can also be caused by bad habits, such as biting your nails due to stress or sucking your thumb rubbing it against your teeth. The same can happen in the case of bruxism , i.e. the involuntary grinding of the teeth which can cause wear of the teeth.

To prevent malocclusions as adults it is necessary to take some precautions, starting with adequate oral hygiene , in this way it is possible to avoid the accumulation of bacteria and plaque that can cause damage to the gums and teeth. We also need to avoid bad habits , such as chewing on hard objects. At the same time, it is necessary to always take care of the teeth by replacing the missing ones to prevent the displacement of neighboring teeth and a series of aesthetic and functional problems.

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