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Our rules for a perfect soup


Warm and invigorating, soup is the undisputed queen of winter dinners. But do you know how to prepare the perfect soup?

Winter pampering, comfort food for some: soup is one of those recipes that can be expressed , if you prepare it with stock cubes, or slow , cooking the broth from scratch and perhaps giving it a little more attention. It is true, in fact, that even by itself, by choosing the pasta format that best suits us, it is able to pamper us, warm our bones and make us forget about bad days, but on the other hand, dedicating a few more minutes to it will allow you to taste A truly amazing hot dish .

Therefore, if the traditional minestrine includes broth and pasta (that is, small-sized pasta such as capellini, stelline, farfalline, filini, etc.), on the other hand, the addition of some vegetables such as potatoes and carrots is also permitted. Here are our tips for preparing a perfect soup and some slightly out of the ordinary ideas to ennoble it!


How to prepare pasta with the traditional recipe

The preparation of the pasta is quite simple, but making it really good requires some attention.

  1. Start with the broth: it is true that stock cubes are the quickest solution but if you have time, try your hand at preparing meat or vegetable broth: the difference will be substantial!
  2. Once the broth is prepared (if it is meat broth, let it cool completely and remove the fat that forms on the surface), filter it and transfer it to a smaller pot. Each person needs 250 ml of broth and 40 grams of pasta: these are the perfect proportions.
  3. Cook the pasta in the broth for the time indicated on the package and serve while still hot, finishing off as desired with a sprinkling of parmesan or a drizzle of raw oil.

Delicious variations for your soup

It takes very little to give a simple dish a touch of extra flavour. For example, add a little fresh chilli pepper or complete with a drizzle of truffle oil .

Instead, for a more full-bodied soup, instead of the classic pasta, opt for Emilian passatelli or enrich the broth with vegetables, croutons, tomato sauce, spices or pecorino cheese.

To transform the soup into an oriental dish, serve it like ramen with a hard-boiled egg cut in half and some bacon browned in a pan.

Here are our secrets for a perfect soup, as good as grandma's! What do you say, however, to also deepen our soup recipes ?

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