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Painful ovulation: why it occurs and what to do to avoid it

Very low belly pain

Painful ovulation is a phenomenon that affects an average of 40% of women. Here’s what it depends on and what needs to be done when it occurs.

Suffering from painful ovulation can be quite common although it doesn’t always happen to all women.
This is a problem that occurs about 15 days before your period, which is when the egg is released from the ovary. If for most women, this happens without any scent or with a slight discomfort, for others the classic stomach ache from ovulation can occur which can be moderately bearable or really strong. Difference that is always worth investigating.

What is ovulation pain and how long does it last

Although ovulation occurs in just one day, it can happen that you have doubts about ovulation pains and how long they last. In fact, for many women, stomach pain can last several days.

Very low belly pain
Very low belly pain

When faced with this phenomenon it is therefore very important to consult a doctor .
While in most cases having a little bit of pain can be completely normal, in more extreme cases, pain can be a symptom of bigger problems such as endometriosis . Problem still too underestimated and which is always worth investigating as in addition to decreasing fertility it can be dangerous if not treated.

That said, the symptoms of ovulation usually change from woman to woman and manifest themselves with lateral abdominal pain , a sense of pressure on the ovary, etc …
It can often happen to have it in different places and this depends on the fact that you ovulate from both ovaries but in alternating months.

Painful ovulation: the most common remedies

Going to the remedies it is good to remember that before acting it is very important to always consult your doctor in order to ascertain that the pains you feel are actually normal and do not cause other problems.
Once reassured on the subject, you can opt for the classic hot water bottle or for taking hot and soothing herbal teas .

In more extreme cases (always after hearing the doctor) it may be useful to use over-the-counter drugs . However, it is good to keep in mind that a pain so strong as to require the use of drugs must always be investigated even with a possible second visit.

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