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Palazzo pants, the 2022-2023 models: how to combine them with the right shoes

Girl Pants in Palazzo Azzurri Sleeveless Lace

There is no winter wardrobe that can last without at least one pair of versatile, practical and cool palazzo pants

Definitely in competition with cargo – only they are the must-have models of this winter 2022-2023 – palazzo trousers have officially become that ultra-versatile pair of trousers to which it is impossible to say no. Because we can always count on them thanks to their versatility: in the office, in free time, at a party, in the disco, this high-waisted model that slims at the right point making even the petites happy, they are a joy for the eye and for the sense of touch. Elegance and comfortable fit in one go, what more could you want? Just identify with which shoes to wear them to create a hundred or more looks!

Denim palazzo trousers + pumps or moccasins: in the office and for an aperitif

Pinstripe, smooth, leather effect and we also add denim. One of the most loved models by the brands are the palazzo trousers in denim version that definitively play down the more composed office look , putting comfort in the first place but also a pinch of self-made woman who entrusts her busy days to a classic like denim . A look that thanks to its rigorous lightness allows us to be ready for the post office bee.

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We warn you, indecision will be skyrocketing with this model: moccasins, slingbacks; décolléte with medium heels are designed and perfect, it's up to you to choose, perhaps according to your mood. Light-hearted? A pair of clamp moccasins will be the most immediate solution. Sophisticated? A pair of classic black pumps are never wrong, but if you want an original touch, a pair of two-tone, animalier or textured slingbacks will be for you.

Palazzo trousers + maxi wedges: Y2K Vibes look

Versace docet. Y2K style lovers will be the first to have identified that the perfect look without which no party is the palazzo pants combined with a pair of shoes with maxi wedges: sandals, boots, it doesn't matter, what matters is that it is a flashy model. , bold, that doesn't mind size.

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Also not to be underestimated are boots and ankle boots that return to being maxi in this period: a look that will be the perfect mix between 2000s vibes and 70s mood, which defends itself well despite the many vintage trends that run this season. And if you really want to be more vintage than ever, go for a floral trousers with a geometric pattern, colored boots, even better if orange or green, and you will be the Dancing Queen of the city.

Palazzo trousers for ceremony + décolléte with strap or jewel

There are casual ones that we can wear every day, elegant evening ones and extremely refined ones to wear on very special occasions. In fact, palazzo trousers are a model that in satin or velvet fabric can be perfect to wear even at a ceremony . A fitted jacket, an elegant blazer and perhaps in pendant sign a refined look, ad hoc for a ceremony.

How to recognize them? They are soft, very long, slightly draped or pleated, but also very smooth. Everyone can choose the model they prefer, but the choice of shoes will be fundamental: jewel if you want to focus on a precious look, simple but perhaps covered in silk if you love sober and undemanding looks, where let the fabric do the talking.

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