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Pamper yourself with a refined appetizer, raw oysters

raw oysters

A few drops of lemon are enough to savor the intense taste of oysters. This is how we prepare raw oysters.

In the imagination of many, oysters are a refined appetizer reserved for special occasions. Usually enjoyed at the restaurant, perhaps together with a glass of bubbles, they are actually very simple to prepare even at home . There are no secrets or tricks: being a simple recipe, the key to success is the quality of the main ingredient, i.e. the oysters.

This is especially important because they will be eaten raw, adding just a squeeze of lemon . Don't be intimidated by the difficulty of opening them, with our advice even these steps will be very simple. Keep in mind that you can ask the fishmonger to drill a first hole to make the operations easier.

raw oysters
raw oysters

How to prepare raw oysters recipe

  1. First prepare a basin of cold water and add a spoonful of coarse salt, making it dissolve.
  2. Put on gloves and hold the oyster in your left hand and the small knife in your right. Insert it between the two shells, exerting a slight pressure , then turn all the way around to detach the muscle. Our article on how to open oysters will clarify your ideas further.
  3. Pass the oyster in salted water to remove any shell residues and, as they are ready, place them on a plate. You can create a bed of crushed ice, especially in summer, or a simpler one of salad leaves.
  4. Place a slice of lemon next to each oyster so that each diner can season it just before enjoying it.

Raw oysters with lemon are very simple to prepare and you will make a great impression by bringing them to the table. Also, if you like recipes with oysters, try them baked au gratin .


Oysters keep in the refrigerator for a couple of days . Once opened, however, they must be consumed at the moment.

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