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Pan-fried broccoli: a quick and easy side dish

Broccoli in the pan

Pan-fried broccoli is a very simple vegetable side dish to prepare, delicious to pair with many different dishes.

If you want to prepare a fabulous side dish, rich in flavor and flavour, and perhaps you don't have too much time to spend in your kitchen, well, with broccoli in a pan all your problems will be solved!

It is a very simple dish, and to prepare it in the best possible way all you have to do is blanch the broccoli and sauté it to give it flavour. You can also embellish this recipe by adding potatoes or cold cuts, or even add a few spoons of bechamel to enjoy a creamy side dish.

Let's go straight to the kitchen and get started!

Broccoli in the pan
Broccoli in the pan

How to cook broccoli in a pan

  1. First of all, let's deal with cleaning broccoli. Remove all leaves and white or light green pieces that are too hard. Once done, wash them under running water and cut them into florets (if you want you can also cut the hard part of the stem and cut the soft inside into slices and cook it together with the rest of the vegetable)
  2. Let's now move on to cooking the broccoli: blanch the vegetables in salted water for about 5-10 minutes . You can also add a drop of lemon to prevent the bad smell from cooking from spreading throughout the house.
  3. Pour the oil into the pan, add the poached garlic and the chilli pepper, then dip the broccoli and sauté until a delicious and inviting crust has formed (if needed you can also add a little water to make the side dish creamier).

And here is the very easy video recipe for the side dish:

If you want even more flavour, you can also make a base with anchovies , melting them in oil. Serve the broccoli hot and pair it with your favorite meat or fish dishes. Enjoy your meal!

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We recommend keeping the healthy and tasty vegetable side dish for a maximum of 1-2 days in the fridge, well covered in cling film. We do not recommend freezing in the freezer.

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