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Pan-fried Nutella scones

Pan-fried Nutella scones

Pan-fried Nutella scones are excellent for breakfast or a snack and can be enjoyed hot or at room temperature.

If you are looking for a quick idea for a snack for the little ones, we recommend trying the Nutella scones in a pan. The dough is prepared with very few ingredients that you surely have in your pantry and does not require leavening. This way there will be no waiting times and less than 30 minutes will pass from the first move to the first bite.

To make Nutella scones cooked in a pan you will need instant yeast for savory cakes or traditional baking powder, including vanilla. In addition to this, flour, water, sugar and, of course, Nutella or another hazelnut cream. Ready to get your hands dirty?

Pan-fried Nutella scones
Pan-fried Nutella scones

How to prepare the Nutella focaccia recipe in a pan

  1. To prepare the focaccia dough, combine the flour, sugar and yeast in a bowl and give a quick stir.
  2. Then add the water, mixing with a spoon. As soon as the dough begins to take consistency, transfer it to the pastry board and finish kneading it by hand just long enough to make it homogeneous. Don't work it too much or you will struggle to spread it.
  3. Using a rolling pin, roll it out until it reaches a thickness of 3 mm .
  4. Using a pastry cutter of approximately 8 cm in diameter or a glass, cut out as many disks as possible, even kneading the scraps again.
  5. Place a teaspoon of Nutella on half of these and close with the remaining free ones , sealing the edges well.
  6. Heat a non-stick pan and cook the Nutella focaccias for 2 minutes per side over medium heat and without a lid.
  7. Serve hot, finishing with a sprinkling of icing sugar if desired.

Perfect as a substitute for bread, pan-fried scones are also a turning point in preparing dinner. You can also serve them with jam for a quick and easy sweet snack.


Pan-fried Nutella scones will keep for a couple of days in a plastic bag. You can also heat them briefly in the air fryer before serving.

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