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Pan-fried pak choi

Pan-fried pak choi

Pan-fried pak choi, Chinese cabbage prepared with a quick and easy recipe to serve as a side dish.

Pak choi is a cruciferous vegetable widely used in oriental cuisine, especially in Chinese cuisine . Given its versatility and the spread of ethnic restaurants in Italy, today it is increasingly known and appreciated even by cuisine enthusiasts from the Bel Paese. Among the most interesting characteristics its meaty consistency certainly stands out, which lends itself to giving a lot of satisfaction even just for a tasty side dish like this. Discover below the steps and doses of pan-fried pak choi to bring a nutritious and tasty vegetable dish to the table.

Pan-fried pak choi
Pan-fried pak choi

Preparing pak choi in a pan

  1. To make this tasty side dish, you first need to know how to clean pak choi. Remove the base of the stem and remove the leaves, leaving them aside.
  2. Then divide the stem into four parts vertically and carefully chop the peeled garlic.
  3. Using a spoon, remove the peel from the ginger root and then cut it into fine sticks or grate it.
  4. Take a large pan or a wok and pour the vegetable oil into the already hot pan. At this point add the chopped garlic and ginger and after a minute also the pak choi stems. Add the well washed leaves and let everything sauté on a high flame for a couple of minutes .
  5. Pour in the fish sauce and continue to blend for about ten minutes , stirring occasionally. Check the cooking level and when the stems are tender you can plate and serve, sprinkling with sesame seeds and a little pepper.

If you have trouble finding fish sauce you can replace it with the more common soy sauce . Clearly the taste will be less intense, but you will have an oriental dish perfect for vegans . To make everything even fresher you can add some lemongrass leaves and stems cut diagonally. In this mode the pan-fried pak choi will take on a flavor reminiscent of Thai cuisine .


To preserve this preparation with oriental flavors it is essential to place the leftovers inside an airtight container that does not let air pass through and does not create an environment conducive to the formation of mold. The container can be placed in the refrigerator for no longer than 24 hours . You can reheat the dish by putting it back in the pan with the addition of a little oil.

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