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Pan-fried peas: a classic and good side dish for any occasion!

Pan-fried peas

Pan-fried peas are delicious and perfect both as a single dish and as a side dish for your meat or fish dishes.

If you are looking for a quick and easy recipe, but which at the same time guarantees you to enjoy a rich and tasty dish , here is a delicious side dish for you: pan-fried peas. This is certainly the most common way of cooking these delicious vegetables, but the secret lies in the ingredients and their balance .

Today we will see a classic recipe and some even more delicious variations: and whether they are fresh or frozen peas, they will acquire a truly unique flavor in the pan.

In short, if you don't know which side dish to prepare for your dinner, we have the answer to all your doubts. Let's get started now!

Pan-fried peas
Pan-fried peas

How to cook peas in a pan

  1. First of all prepare the broth and put it to heat, it must be hot.
  2. Shell the peas until you obtain the weight indicated and clean the onion or shallot, finely mincing.
  3. Take a pan and heat a generous drizzle of oil, then add the onion or shallot and let it dry well. If you want it nice and crunchy, leave it for at least a minute and a half, if you want a softer consistency, add a spoonful of broth at this stage.
  4. At this point throw in the peas, salt and pepper and let them brown over high heat for a few minutes, sautéing or stirring occasionally.
  5. Add the stock and cover the pan, cooking for another 15 minutes . Once you have obtained a thick base and the peas are cooked, turn everything off and serve immediately.

You can combine them with many other recipes from first to second: a classic is with cuttlefish , but also a second of red meat will be a perfect match. Furthermore, peas are perfect to use as a condiment for pasta, but also to make a creamy risotto or a more oriental one: Cantonese rice.

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Variations of sautéed peas

Do you want to make this side dish even tastier ? Then you must definitely try cooking peas with bacon. What you have to do is simply insert the bacon during the first phase, when you are browning the onion. Instead of bacon, other cold cuts are also good: speck and raw ham will be perfect for a savory dish, but with a less greasy sensation in the mouth!

Another idea may be to prepare stewed peas with tomato sauce. Cook it together with the onion (two or three tablespoons) and then add the peas and some broth if needed. The acidity of the tomato will make this side dish fresher and more inviting .

Finally, know that you can always add an aroma to this side dish: peas look great with a handful of freshly chopped parsley , or mint . And if you want to give it a little flavor boost, try some strong paprika (without exaggerating).

Also try the cuttlefish with peas , an unforgettable second course!


We recommend keeping the side dish for a maximum of 2-3 days in the fridge , well covered in transparent film or inside a special container with a lid. We do not recommend freezing in the freezer when cooked.

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