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Pandora bijoux gift ideas 2022: charms and jewels to give and treat yourself

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Among charms, rings to compose and necklaces, Pandora again this year suggests sparkling gifts for Christmas

Jewels have always been among the most desired, loved and appreciated Christmas gifts. It will be because the atmosphere full of lights also makes us want to wear something precious and bright, perhaps that we can receive at Christmas and wear to complete our New Year's look or because they easily meet our desire to amaze whoever receives the our gift and also to our wallet. In short, a jewel is for all tastes and for all sizes and among the brands that it is now natural to think of – to confirm this there are the queues that we regularly see as the eve approaches – at Pandora. Charms, rings, necklaces and bracelets, personalized and customizable jewels that for this very reason win the heart of the wearer!

Pandora charm 2022: Disney, Marvel and low cost classics

Pandora's success is all there: in the personalization of a necklace or bracelet to which you can add an innumerable quantity of charms that tell of our passions and dreams or to always carry a memory or thought of a special person with us.

If you want to spend little but think of a charm that can be really expensive for those who receive it, bet on models from 19 euros and up: animals, plant symbols, symbolic objects, letters, it will be difficult not to find the perfect charm for the person who will receive it … and maybe even for you! And if you want to make your gift more important and intended for an even more special occasion during the Christmas period, you can add the new rigid ring bracelets.

Two collections of charms, on the other hand, are perfect for our nerd friends or boyfriends: starting from the line dedicated to Marvel , enriched with new figures and characters in action, to arrive at the Disney one. How about a double Minnie and Mickey Mouse charm to have a bracelet that symbolizes your love story in an original way? Prices for Disney and Marvel charms start at €55.

Customizable rings and necklaces: the pop line of the brand

Not only the bracelets of the world are customizable but for some years also the rings. For minimal chic, the classic tennis rings or rings with decoration will be perfect but for your fashion addicted mother or friend, you can think of a personalized ring that mixes a colored model and a silver-colored one. A charm to make it even more precious and you will have created a ring tailored to the personality of the wearer.

And the necklaces ? Also in this case the charms remain the undisputed protagonists but in the Pandora collection there are also sophisticated and refined models to wear simply. Among this year's novelties have been added the link knit models also embellished with pearls in both minimal and maxi versions.

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