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Papular urticaria: symptoms and remedies

papular urticaria

Papular urticaria is a rash with papular and itchy lesions. Let's find out the causes, symptoms and possible remedies.

Papular urticaria, also known as strophulus in adults, occurs in the form of irregularly arranged lesions, usually on the trunk. Papular and itchy in origin, papular urticaria in adults is usually caused by insect bites or parasites from pets and a strong underlying sensitivity leading to the allergic reaction.
Lasting one or two weeks , it tends to regress spontaneously even if in some cases, new papules can make the problem lasting, even going on for months.

Papular urticaria: what it depends on

Speaking of the symptoms, papular urticaria as the name itself indicates is recognizable by the papules present on the whole body and especially on the trunk or on the lower limbs .

papular urticaria
papular urticaria

Added to this is the itching which can be persistent and which is sometimes accompanied by blisters. These, as already mentioned, depend on hypersensitivity to insect bites rather than on the insect bite.
That said, as with chronic urticaria and stress urticaria, there are possible cures to stem the problem and make the situation more bearable.

Papular urticaria: the most effective remedies

In the case of papular urticaria, an effective cure is represented by a greater attention to the surrounding environment. In the case of pets it is important to always keep them well clean and use any anti-fleas if needed.

To this can be added the application of steroid creams which, if applied a couple of times a day, can reduce the symptoms by giving relief to itching. In milder cases or even to make the use of creams more effective, it is possible to apply ice. If applied immediately after a possible insect bite it can in fact reduce the allergic manifestation.

That said, if more are added to the papules or if the problem continues to persist, the use of antibiotics may be necessary. This is why it is very important to contact your doctor when urticaria persists or tends to get worse.

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