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Paris Fashion Week 2023: The most beautiful and eccentric looks of the front row

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From the front row of the men's to the women's fashion show, here are the most beautiful looks of the stars present at Paris Fashion Week 2023

Paris is teeming with trends, those of spring/summer 2023, it smells of the marvelous Haute Couture dresses and it is a coming and going of celebrities who participate in the fashion shows with the taste of simply enjoying the show or perhaps wearing an eccentric and breathtaking look that catalyzes attention on itself. And in terms of originality and unpredictability, Paris Fashion Week 2023 seems to find a harmonious square in terms of looks on stage between the catwalk and the front row. Because there are at least three looks that left you breathless, made you discuss or generated chatter on social media.

Paris Fashion Week 2023: The eccentric looks of Kylie Jenner and Doja Cat by Schiaparelli

We talked about nothing else all week. When the women's spring/summer 2023 Haute Couture inaugurated by the Schiaparelli fashion show was staged, more than the collection itself, there was talk of a detail that turned out to be the emblem of the brand's summer haute couture: the black dress by Kylie Jenner with a bodice decorated with a huge lion's head. In plush, fear not – even Ferragni reassured us -, also worn by Irina Shayk who walked the catwalk.

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Amazing, precious, exaggerated, always signed by Schiaparelli is the look sported by Doja Cat : the American singer and rapper presented herself at the fashion show of the maison in a red dress encrusted with Swarovski crystals, 30,000 to be exact. A look that to many appeared mostly as a real work of art, a small masterpiece that gave the singer an alien appeal, as if she came from another planet.

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Chiara Ferragni, Jenny Ortega, Anne Hathaway: the classic elegance of black and animalier

Having flown to Paris for a very short time – given the imminent appointment with Sanremo – Chiara Ferragni could only run to represent Schiaparelli, the maison that will also accompany her in her Sanremo experience.

In her case, the look designed for her is fresh, cheeky but extremely elegant: a black blouse with silk cuffed sleeves, which plays in contrast with the woven texture of the shirt top and black culotte shorts. Jewels and gold details make the dress code of the maison immediately recognizable.

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Also in black is Jenny Ortega , the beloved Wednesday , who wears a light and enveloping black hooded dress for the Saint Laurent fashion show, recalling the great divas of the past. A look with a vintage flavor that also suggests a dress model to seriously consider for our summer wardrobe. Also in this case, the combination with gold jewels confirms the trend of the new elegant dress code for the hot season.

And speaking of clothes and trends, Anne Hathaway makes us reflect on how surprisingly elegant animals can be, wearing a mini dress with a 90s allure with thin straps in sequin texture with a glittering animal effect.

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