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Parka + men’s shirt, the two must-haves of the sporty chic look for spring 2023

Gray parka

A casual outfit that's a little chic and a little jaunty? We have it! Just wear a masculine-style shirt to match the parka, the key look from the catwalks

You know those days when you want to wear a few essential items, as if you've taken the first thing that happens from the closet? The catwalks respond to this spring laziness with an outfit that rediscovers the beauty of two everlasting must-haves : the soft, oversized, welcoming men's shirt and the parka, the light one, maybe even waterproof, perfect for gloomy or breezy and sunny days from the sun. What to match? Pants, shorts, miniskirts, the choice is yours: let yourself be inspired by the mix and match of the brands and by a bohemian mood that anticipates the lightness of summer.

Spring/Summer 2023 outfit: men's shirt and parka, the two must-haves of the season to mix

The oversized, soft, masculine, striped or checked shirt is back again this spring season: we saw it paired with the white tank top on the Bottega Veneta catwalks, which suggests we wear it as an alternative to outerwear in late spring, in a dress casual and disengaged queues with a grunge flavour.

On the Altuzarra catwalk however, college mania reinvents itself by combining the rigorously unbuttoned men's shirt with a soft cardigan, which we can finally wear without a turtleneck, together with a miniskirt. The choice of sneakers, preferably with a bright color to bring the touch of color necessary for the season, gives practicality and sporty appeal to the look, purifying it of all charm.

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How to match the parka and the men's shirt

The spring parka compared to the winter one is very light, waterproof so as to have an ad hoc outerwear with us in case of rain: to combine it with the men's shirt even better if we wear it open so as to create a pleasant layering effect . Beige, fuchsia, light blue, given the season we dare with bright pastel colors, creating a harmonious contrast with a long white or light blue shirt , to be worn with a miniskirt.

The striped models are undoubtedly the trendiest, we can easily find them also in the collections of Zara, H&M and Bershka: they are shirts that tend to be born already oversized but depending on the effect we want to obtain we can choose the most suitable size for us. The longer models can also become little dresses to be cinched at the waist with a belt .

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