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Parsley pesto recipe

Parsley pesto

Excellent for seasoning pasta or for flavoring meat and fish: here's how to prepare parsley pesto!

Preparing homemade pesto is very simple and in addition to the classic basil pesto it is also possible to prepare delicious sauces with other aromatic herbs such as parsley pesto. Unlike the classic Ligurian pesto with basil, pecorino and parmesan, in this case no cheese is used, but if you prefer a tastier sauce you can easily add grated parmesan, parmesan or pecorino. Same thing for the garlic too: if you don't like it you can easily omit it, while if you like it you can add as much as you like.

The sauce prepared following this recipe can be used immediately after preparation to season pasta, but it can also be frozen in practical single-portion containers so that it is ready when needed. Let's see how to prepare it now!

Parsley pesto
Parsley pesto

How to make parsley pesto

  1. To prepare the parsley pesto, start by carefully washing the fresh parsley leaves, removing the stems .
  2. After washing the parsley, dry it and place in the mixer with the salt and extra virgin olive oil.
  3. Start blending for a few seconds then add the garlic and pine nuts. Blend again for a few seconds then add a few tablespoons of lemon juice or water.
  4. Continue blending until you obtain a creamy but not too liquid sauce . Your pesto is ready to be used or stored in the fridge or freezer.

If you want to make the pesto much creamier and more delicate on the palate we recommend adding 1 bite of grated cheese to taste.

And here is a video recipe very similar to our preparation:


Store this quick sauce for a maximum of 4 days in a glass jar with a cap and covered with a thin layer of oil. Alternatively, store it in the freezer for 6 months .

If you liked this recipe I recommend you also try the one to prepare a great classic of Italian cuisine,Genoese pesto .

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