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Pasta all’amatriciana with photos and videos to prepare it

Amatriciana pasta

Pasta all'amatriciana: the original Roman recipe ideal for any occasion. Are you ready to discover all its secrets?

Are you really sure you know how to make amatriciana sauce? This condiment is used to prepare one of the most famous first courses not only in Italy, but throughout the world, and which together with carbonara constitutes one of the most gluttonous combinations of the whole Italian tradition: that's right, it is pasta all'amatriciana , a triumph of flavors , straight from the Roman tradition !

This pasta is made up of a few simple ingredients, but like all traditional dishes , there are some little tricks that will allow you to learn the infallible recipe: starting with the choice of raw materials, passing through the type of pasta and a few this dish an unforgettable experience ! In short, let's start right away : here are the step-by-step photos and the video recipe of the original amatriciana!

Amatriciana pasta
Amatriciana pasta

How to make amatriciana: the real recipe

Let's begin immediately to see the original recipe for amatriciana sauce.

Cook the pasta

1. First, heat a pot of water, when it boils add salt and add the pasta (spaghetti or bucatini to follow the Roman tradition).

Pillow for amatriciana

2. Cut the guanciale into strips after having removed the first layer of rind, then cook it in a pan (preferably in steel) until it is crunchy for about 5-7 minutes , at which point add the white wine, leave evaporate. Pay attention to this phase: the guanciale must be crunchy on the outside , but soft on the inside. Therefore, to avoid that the result is pieces of wood, cut it into slightly thick strips: in this way an inviting crust will form on the outside, but the inside will remain soft .

Pan-fried peeled tomatoes for amatriciana

3. Once the wine has evaporated, remove the strips from the heat and set them aside. In the same pan, cook the fresh chilli pepper with the tomatoes in the pork fat and fray them with a spoon (or first by hand).

Cook amatriciana sauce
Cook amatriciana sauce

4. Cook for about 10-15 minutes adding salt, pepper and if you want a pinch of sugar to remove the acidity .

Add al dente pasta to the sauce

5. Once the time has passed, drain the pasta al dente and toss it in the pan with a ladle of cooking water, eliminating the chilli pepper.

Finish and serve amatriciana pasta

6. Add the bacon and at the end, with the heat off, the pecorino and mix well to mix everything.

Serve on plates adding more pecorino to taste.

What do you think, delicious isn't it? And to think that it doesn't even take long to prepare this dish: a classic of Italian cuisine . If you want some other ideas you can choose from our other quick sauces !

Amatriciana: the secrets and tricks for the perfect pasta

Although the process is very easy , the real answer to this dish lies in a few simple questions about the preparation.

– First of all, let's start with the ingredients: it is absolutely forbidden to use pancetta, what you need is guanciale (possibly from Amatrice), which you will have to buy and cut into strips.

– As for the tomato, San Marzano appears in the protected denomination recipe, which is excellent if blanched, peeled and all its internal seeds removed. In any case, you can very well use packaged tomatoes . For a perfect consistency, avoid purees.

– Let's move on to the cheese: strictly use pecorino romano, but if you want a less decisive taste, you can balance it with Parmesan.

– And the onion? Well, theoretically you shouldn't put amatriciana according to the real recipe.

– Use a steel pan, it will help you extract all the juices from the bacon, which will be used for your sauce.

What kind of pasta is used for amatriciana?

For many, the real dilemma is the type of pasta. It seems that spaghetti is used according to the recipe, but often, especially in restaurants , it is not uncommon to see bucatini combined with this sauce. But what changes? Let's see it together!

Spaghetti amatriciana

This way you will be on the safe side. Spaghetti is an ideal pasta for this type of sauce, with quick cooking , easy to find and also to cook. In short, if you don't want to go wrong this is the type of pasta for you!

Bucatini all'amatriciana: original Roman recipe

There are those who absolutely do not want to listen to reason: amatriciana is made with bucatini ! It is a particular type of pasta that is widespread above all in Rome, a sort of larger spaghettoni with holes in the center, but which maintain more or less the same cooking time as spaghetti, given that the hole allows water to penetrate inside them. As we said, the big difference lies in the consistency , and given their size, in this way you will make the dish even more delicious with every forkful.

Ah, a curiosity : Wikipedia says that the perfect sauce for this pasta… is amatriciana! In short, if you are part of the spaghetti team, you must try it at least once in your life.

And then, as always, you can also break away from tradition and use the type of pasta you like! Even tonnarelli and rigatoni are perfect for this sauce, because they are able to enhance it and gather it well . But if you like pens, we certainly won't be the ones to tell you not to use them!

How about trying the realcarbonara too?


We recommend consuming this pasta at the moment , with an amazing sauce!

History of the amatriciana

Very simple to understand, pasta all'amatriciana is the daughter of another traditional Roman dish, it is in fact a reinterpretation of pasta alla Gricia but with the addition of tomato and chilli pepper. The municipality of Amatrice is very proud of it, so much so that it is protected with a mark of origin and, moreover, the recipe has also been included in the European Register of Designations of Origins and Geographical Indications

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