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Pasta en papillote: a tasty fish first course

baked spaghetti

Among the most original fish first courses of all there are spaghetti in foil. Here's how we prepare them with mussels and clams.

The beauty of en papillote first courses is that they are brought to the table in their parchment paper wrapper and discarded directly by the diner, revealing all their beauty (and goodness). The spaghetti in foil are perfect if you are looking for a refined recipe but at the same time simple to prepare and serve on the most important occasions.

Preparing spaghetti with seafood in foil allows you to concentrate and enhance all the flavors of the fish which will blend into the pasta in an exceptional way. For this recipe we used clams and mussels and added capers to make everything tastier and more Mediterranean. Obviously you can also add shrimp or squid rings to further enrich your spaghetti with fish foil.

baked spaghetti
baked spaghetti

How to prepare the spaghetti in foil recipe

  1. First purge the clams for at least an hour in water, changing it about halfway through the time. Then clean the mussels by rubbing them with a scouring pad and removing the beard. Also soak them in water for 30 minutes.
  2. In a large frying pan, heat the oil with the garlic clove and chilli pepper. Then add the peeled tomatoes and the capers and cook for 15 minutes . You can also use fresh cherry tomatoes if they are in season. When cooked, season with parsley and season with salt.
  3. Then add the well-drained mussels and clams, the whole prawns (but without the intestine thread) and put the lid on. Let it cook on a low flame for about 5 minutes.
  4. In the meantime, boil the pasta in plenty of salted water for the time indicated on the package, then toss it in the pan with the sauce.
  5. Line a 24 cm pan with parchment paper, place the spaghetti in the center with all their sauce, seal well and cook at 200°C in ventilated mode for 5 minutes . Serve immediately, completing with more fresh parsley.

Staying on the subject of delicious recipes, you can also try your hand at the simplest spaghetti with mussels and clams : they're excellent and don't need to be baked in the oven.


Since this is a fish recipe, it would be advisable to consume it as soon as it is made or keep it in the refrigerator for a maximum of a couple of days .

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