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Pasta with artichokes and bacon

Artichoke and bacon pasta

Artichoke and bacon pasta is a dish suitable for all occasions, easy to make but with great potential: you'll see, everyone will like it!

Here is a first course with an inimitable taste, artichoke and bacon pasta. Here the taste of artichokes, which are cooked in a pan with garlic and oil, meets the strong flavor of bacon, for a truly incredible combination.

For this dish we used egg tagliatelle, but you can also choose a different pasta , from macaroni to penne, as well as spaghetti, bucatini, farfalle or other.

What are we waiting for? Let's start cooking right away !

Artichoke and bacon pasta
Artichoke and bacon pasta

How to make pasta with artichokes and bacon

  1. First of all, put the water for the pasta in a large pot . In the meantime, clean the artichokes, removing the internal beard and external leaves, which would be hard and difficult to chew. You can also, as you clean the artichokes, soak them in water and lemon juice so they don't oxidize.
  2. When the water boils, throw in the pasta and continue making the sauce .
  3. Put a drizzle of oil in the pan with the garlic and brown the bacon. When it is golden brown, add the artichokes cut into strips and season with salt and pepper. If needed, you can also add a little pasta cooking water .
  4. Now that the sauce is ready, remove the garlic and drain the pasta al dente, pouring it immediately into the pan.
  5. Stir in a drizzle of oil and a drop of cooking water. Serve hot with freshly ground pepper and a sprinkling of grated cheese if you like. Enjoy your meal!

Pasta with artichoke cream and bacon

Alternatively you can also make your sauce creamier . To do this, take about half or 2/3 of the cooked artichokes (without the bacon) and blend them with a blender , adding grated cheese, a drizzle of oil and pasta cooking water to taste. When the pasta is al dente, drain it in the pan with the bacon and artichoke pieces, then add the cream made and mix everything well.

Also try the artichoke risotto : pure poetry for the palate!


We recommend consuming the pasta at the moment, alternatively you can also store it in the fridge for a maximum of 1 day , in a special container with a lid. We do not recommend freezing in the freezer.

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