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Pasta with Jerusalem artichoke

Pasta with Jerusalem artichoke

To serve a special first course, very little is needed, here is the recipe for pasta with Jerusalem artichoke, dried fruit and lots of goodness.

If you want to make your lunch special, you can rely on the simple recipe for pasta with Jerusalem artichoke. Many of you probably haven't had the chance to try this particular ingredient yet. It is a very tasty tuber , which can give an alternative flavor to any dish. Its consistency is very similar to that of the potato, but its flavor is more reminiscent of that of artichokes.

Also called Jerusalem artichoke , the Jerusalem artichoke is easily found in the most well-stocked hypermarkets and grocery stores. Its flavor goes very well with dried fruit , such as walnuts or almonds. It is worked in a very simple way, to make the pasta tasty, enriching it with other ingredients, such as oil and grated cheese. Ready to discover its extraordinary taste?

Pasta with Jerusalem artichoke
Pasta with Jerusalem artichoke

Preparing the recipe for pasta with Jerusalem artichoke

  1. The first thing to do is carefully wash and dry the Jerusalem artichoke pieces.
  2. Peel them with a potato peeler or a knife, then cut it into pieces.
  3. Heat a pot full of water on the stove, after salting it; immerse the pieces to boil them for about 20-30 minutes , until they become very soft.
  4. Once done, drain them and place them in the bowl of a mixer.
  5. Add the walnut kernels, breaking them into pieces ; also add the garlic clove, the grated cheese and a few fresh basil leaves.
  6. Season with salt and pepper and the oil, pouring it in slowly.
  7. Blend everything until you obtain a creamy mixture , like pesto.
  8. To make the cream even tastier and velvety, you could also add ricotta, 300 g to be precise.
  9. Move on to cooking the pasta. You can reuse the water in which you boiled the Jerusalem artichoke pieces.
  10. Then, heat plenty of salted water in the pan and, when it boils, immerse the pasta.
  11. Respect the cooking times, then drain it.
  12. Distribute the pasta onto plates and season it with the Jerusalem artichoke cream. Furthermore, you can also decorate with other walnut kernels and chopped parsley.


Pasta with Jerusalem artichoke is a first course with an incredible flavour, which will amaze everyone, even the most sceptical. The best advice is to consume it immediately, avoiding storage.

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