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Pastel shades, drapes and lightness: the bridesmaid dresses for spring summer 2023

bride bridesmaids dresses

Delicate but also bright pastel nuances: if you are the next bridesmaids, here is a little review of the trends and dresses in vogue this year. To please the bride but without giving up your style.

You wouldn't have expected it or perhaps you secretly hoped for it: the next bride to be , generally always the best friend of a lifetime or a friend with whom you have established a special feeling, has asked you to join the bridesmaid club of her wedding . A task that goes from taking care of the bride to choosing the dress that best suits you to honor this title. Sometimes it is the bride who provides some directives, others still it will be up to you alone or in agreement with the other bridesmaids to choose the right dress, keeping in mind the universally recognized wedding etiquette, but at the same time choosing a model that is faithful to the your style.

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