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Pastissada de caval

pastissada de caval

The pastissada de caval is a stew made with horse meat usually served with polenta and typical of Venetian cuisine.

The pastissada de caval, literally messed with horse, is a Veronese recipe of very ancient but uncertain origins . It seems that it was prepared for the first time after the various sieges of Verona by troops hostile to the king of the Lombards Alboino. In fact, many dead horses remained on the battlefield and the population, which had already been without food for a long time, began to preserve and cook the meat of these animals.

Even today , cooking horse meat is not that unusual and the horse meat pastissada is to all intents and purposes one of the typical Veronese dishes. We could describe it as a stew that is usually accompanied with polenta. Let's find out all the details together.

pastissada de caval
pastissada de caval

How to prepare the pastissada de caval recipe

  1. To prepare the dish in the traditional way you will have to start a couple of days in advance. For the first course, brown the finely chopped onions and carrots with the oil, then add the meat cut into 2 cm cubes and the herbs. Cover with the red wine and leave to cook for 2 hours .
  2. On the second day, cook the meat for another two hours.
  3. Finally, the third time, heat the pastissada again and accompany it with homemade polenta .


This dish can be stored in the refrigerator for 2-3 days . When it is time to consume it, simply heat it in a pan: in fact, like many recipes of this type, over time it gains in flavour.

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